Musikmesse is this week. Barry and I will sadly not be in attendance but we made sure to send over some KICKING new basses. The Super P 4's will be well represented with a 3-tone and a Fiesta Red. Both are passive and both feature the latest version of our tone-fusion circuit which is both smoother and quieter sounding. There's a really nice Sklar 5 in Chrome Blue. A stunning Z3 (if I do say so myself) spalted maple top with a smokey trans Blackburst finish. There are two ABI 5's with the 3X pickup array. Both have Wenge necks - one with a wenge fretboard and one with maple for a cool reverse look. The other ABI has a really deep Purple (no relation) to Blackburst finish that's pretty mesmerizing. The final bass is unique. It's an ABII with a double top combination similar to a Prima Artist. The walnut burl top and flame maple contrast layer are repeated on the back to make this bass even more special. This is a first for an ABII. It also features a wenge neck and fingerboard which really makes the ABII sing.

Neil Murray is getting a killer tone out of his custom ABI 4-string in the new Snakecharmer video. If you're a fan of classic rock, I think you'll really enjoy what these guys are doing. With members of Whitesnake, Ozzy, Wishbone Ash and more its no wonder that they really know how to craft great songs.