Lee Sklar
Studio Legend

“For years I had been looking for a 5-string bass guitar that had some clarity in the bottom end, and with Dingwall I found exactly what I was looking for. I will be playing these basses for the rest of my life.”

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Adam “Nolly” Getgood

“As soon as I tried a Dingwall I knew right away this was the sound I wanted to have with Periphery. The low strings have clarity beyond anything I’ve ever heard before. You owe it to yourself to try one! I guarantee you’ll be blown away.”

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John Taylor
Duran Duran

“With Duran Duran, I need a very direct bass sound, and I’ve found the Combustion just delivers that. I’m a sucker for the fanned frets, and there’s this whole other level of tone and aesthetic beauty. I said to my tech right away, we’ve got to get one!”

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Rob Van der Loo

“Sheldon is such a visionary and I love how he’s open to experiment with ideas that most people wouldn't even dare to try. I had a great time working with him on the D-Roc, which is definitely a game changer.”

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Jacob Umansky

“My Dingwall Z3 is the most versatile and playable instrument I’ve ever come across. It’s truly my dream bass. The team at Dingwall brought my vision to life in every way possible.”

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Stefan Lessard

“I had seen some pictures of the different configurations of the Dingwall Z model and when I eventually got one I was blown away. I’ve owned a lot of basses, but I’ve never felt so immediately connected to bass as I did when I got my custom Z.”

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Jared Smith

“There are many instruments out there with fanned frets, but there’s something about how Dingwall builds their basses that just feels better. They’re the best basses I’ve ever played.”

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Robbie Merrill

“After years of using the Darkglass Tone Capsule I knew I wanted to try Dingwall basses. I was immediately blown away by the versatility and slick design. These instruments are a true stroke of genius.”

Ashley Reeve

“You know that feeling you get when you pick up a bass and it's like, “WOW! This is the one!” I’ve felt that with every Dingwall I’ve ever played. My D-Roc and my Super P constantly remind me that I still love playing bass, which is priceless.”

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Tony Levin

“The Dingwall speaks really well in the low end, and even though I’ve always stuck with the same instruments, I do like knowing what’s out there and what other options there are. So the Dingwall was a really nice discovery.”

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Ali Dean

“I've been playing Dingwall basses for almost 10 years now, and I still find myself amazed at how incredible they sound. They've served me incredibly well both on the road and in the studio. The design and build quality is second to none”

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Kyle Konkiel

“The Combustion is a modern workhorse for touring musicians. I really don’t see a need to play any other bass. They’re diverse and unique and I know they will take care of any gig that’s put in front of me.”

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“The words 'next generation bass' are right for my Afterburner. The design is very futuristic and the notes sustain like on a piano.”

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Andrew Kim

“I've traveled the world playing hundreds of shows on my Dingwall basses and never once have I had an issue with them. They are designed with a level of detail that is unparalleled. Dingwall has set a new standard for bassists across the board.”

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Amos Williams

“The clarity and consistency in the lower strings has made the Dingwall Combustion my go-to bass. I can get pretty much any profile I want from it. It sounds clean, powerful, and I felt a comfort and ease of playing that I’d struggled to find with other basses”

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Ryo Shimizu

“Finding Dingwall Guitars has changed my life as a bassist...take a step forward with them and all your problems will be solved!”

Jon Eberhard
I Prevail

“I got the basses all set up and rocking! They sound and play phenomenally, and I’ve never seen bass guitars that hold tuning this well. You guys do an incredible job. Absolutely LOVE them. They play and sound amazing. Big fan”

Nathan Navarro

“I admire the work and thoughtfulness that Sheldon puts into each of his designs. Dingwall basses offer exceptional low end clarity, perfect weight distribution, and an electrifying playing experience. And of course, they look awesome.”

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Lisa Dodd
Gord Bamford

“The Z Series basses are simply the most natural feeling basses I have ever played... a perfect fit.”

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Claudio Rocha
X Factor, Brazilian Idol

“When I first picked up Dingwall, I was amazed by the low B tone and great definition. Owning a Dingwall was one of the best choices in my career”

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Matt Deis
All That Remains

“It’s one thing to have a bass with a ton of features, but it’s a whole nother thing to have all of those features actually be usable and serve a purpose. No matter what genre you play, this is the one bass you can reach for to always get the job done. There is literally nothing a Dingwall bass can’t do.”

Zander Zon
Solo Bassist

“My NG is so playable, and it looks awesome! I’m so impressed with how light and streamlined it feels for a 5-string. Manoeuvring around the neck is really smooth, and the fanned frets are incredible”

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Toby Peterson Stewart

“Dingwall has allowed me to explore a completely new dynamic with my bass playing. The consistent, aggressive sound allows for a lot of creativity on any part of the fretboard. When you’re layering bass tracks like we do, you can get a heavier, more crunchy sound across the whole instrument.”

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Matt Fack

“I used to almost exclusively play an Ernie Ball Bongo, but the Dingwall has opened up a lot of new things for us. I find the Dingwall lends itself a little bit more to slap bass, and it has a different character. We also have Darkglass pedalboards, which are amazing”

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Pete Griffin
Zappa Plays Zappa, Dethklok

“I’ve played “classic” style basses for my whole career so I was surprised just how natural the D-Roc felt in my hands, and the tone is to die for!”

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Richard Boucher
Funeral For A Friend

“The D-Roc is a thing of beauty. The look, the tone.. it literally rocks every show, and with buckets of style.”

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Mason Nagy

“The D-Roc is everything I need in bass and has unlocked new potential for my playing. It is truly inspiring every time I play it and has all my other basses in the corner gathering dust. I couldn't be more honoured to play Dingwall basses!”

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Josh Gilbert

“No other bass holds down the fundamental notes as evenly as a Dingwall, especially in the super-low tunings that are required for Spiritbox.”

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Yolanda Charles
Hans Zimmer, Paul Weller and Robbie Williams, Project pH

“My Combustion records so well. It really cuts through the mix when there’s a lot of congestion in the midrange frequencies. It’s also great for playing live. I’ve used it to record with my Fusion band INSTRA_MENTALS and for my Project pH RnB vocal album.”

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Kami Bass

“I really put the Dingwall NG basses to the test with BABYMETAL, touring +20 countries for over 12 weeks. Night after night, they delivered. They have a modern and aggressive tone that everyone was very excited about. These instruments made the tour for me as a player!”

Phil Rehm
Bass Matrix

“The noble tone of my SuperJ offers a precise response in the lower end and a pleasant, flowing, and silky sound on the high strings, making it ideal for fast percussive playing. This fan-fret reinvention of the jazz bass is truly amazing. Sheldon and his team, being devoted fan-fret enthusiasts, have meticulously crafted an instrument of absolute high-end quality”

Pablo Motyczak
Rata Blanca

“I got my Dingwall the day before we went on tour, and playing it was instantly second nature. I was completely amazed with the tone and how it cut through the mix with the band. I think my quest for the ultimate B string has finally ended.”

Jean-Michel Labadie

“My Dingwall Super P is a truly superb instrument. It’s extremely versatile, super precise and really fun to play. It sounds great in every musical genre. If you haven't tried one yet, don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed! This bass has no limits!”

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America Paz

“Dingwall's ergonomics and versatile tone allows me to get that sound that I always dreamed of”

Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve

“The balance and build of my NG bass is impeccable, sounds great and looks super cool. Plus, it's designed and set up in Saskatoon by Sheldon and his handpicked team.”

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Chris Van Der Walt

“Dingwall basses are on another level. They sound great, they feel amazing, they look beautiful, and they handle the touring and studio life better than any bass I've ever played. From the first time I played one, I knew I'd be playing these basses for the rest of my life”

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Andrew Kesler
Producer, Arranger, Music Director

“As a producer who constantly jumps between different artists and genres, I need an instrument that can make the same leaps. From old-school thump to modern pop to fusion jazz, the tonal range of my Dingwall Combustion is HUGE. It just nails everything”

Raad Soudani

“With my NG2 every note is present, responsive and consistent. It holds the low tuning and responds so well that it almost sounds like MIDI bass! I finally have something that can do the job that’s required of the genre.”

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Fredrik Lennartsson
Orbit Culture

“The Dingwall NG3 is such a reliable, comfortable and great looking instrument that I can always count on. When I first picked it up, I knew this was the one. I just love playing this instrument”

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Steve Jenkins
Screaming Headless Torsos, David Fiuczynski

“My Dingwall NG 6-string is one of the most inspiring instruments I have ever played. It’s an incredibly versatile bass and it was obvious from the first few notes I played that it will take me as far as my imagination will allow it to”

Michel Laredo (Momo)
The Momo Zone

“I met Sheldon at his very first show and have been a loyal believer , fan and player from this class act human being and company from the very start. i Love my Basses ,and a dingwall bass is a Bass For Life that will make you a better player and become a life long Partner in you creative process. Thank you Sheldon and the team at Dingwall for all you do for the world of Bass !!!!!! Momo”

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Rich Gray

“Touring with Annihilator is demanding for any instrument, but my Dingwall Combustion has outdone every show. Since playing Dingwall Guitars my session recording requests have also doubled. Do yourself a favour and get your hands on one! They have made life so much easier”

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Nick Campbell
Scary Pockets

“As someone who usually plays old 4-string basses, finding 5-string basses I connect with has always been a challenge, but I was blown away when I played my Dingwall D-Roc 5 for the first time. It has a warm passive tone, a well-defined top end and a crystal clear B-string that's extremely versatile for all kinds of gigs and recording sessions. It is an awesome green funk machine!”

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Máté Molna

“I’m always inspired by my D-Roc. It doesn’t matter if I’m songwriting, practicing some bass at home, or playing a big concert, I feel like this bass always recharges me. And it's the most beautiful piece of jewellery I've ever worn!”

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Werner Erkelens
Monuments, Aviations

“There’s no bass in the world that sounds as clear and punchy as a Dingwall. Once you pick up one of these instruments, you’ll never want to play anything else again”

George Baldwin

“These basses have a playing consistency across the neck and in every register that I have never come across before.”

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Jermaine Blandford
Jazmine Sullivan, Pink Sweats

“Touring with these basses is an amazing experience! Dingwall has made it easy for me to always provide an epic bass tone. From hip-hop to R&B to pop or even jazz/fusion, the Combustion fits every genre, with plenty of low-end, coupled with presence in the mids and clarity on the high-end. The team at Dingwall has also been amazing. It’s felt like a family since day one”

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Earl Pereira
The Steadies

“I have been playing Dingwalls since 1998 and to me, they are the best basses in the world. I own a one-of-a-kind 4-string which was the predecessor to the Super J. I can't wait to get another bass hopefully”

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Sebastien Laurendeau
Cirque du Soleil

“These are amazing multi-scale basses. I am very happy to have an NG 6-string in my arsenal for Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA world tour.”

Wena Velasco
Cowgirls from Hell

“Once I got my hands on a Dingwall bass, I knew my search for the perfect bass has come to an end. My custom Dingwall bass was crafted with precision and the team went out of their way to surpass my expectation.”

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Christian Sturgess

“I first became aware of Dingwall basses over five years ago, and since playing one for the very first time at the London Bass Guitar Show”

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Patricia Ligia
Karol G

“I’m in love with my Dingwall NG3! It blends comfort and playability effortlessly, especially in the lower register. It gives me that sweet, deep bottom-end while also cutting through with sharpness and heaviness. Plus, it feels fantastic in my hands.”

Gary Lalonde
Honeymoon Suite

“I’m getting great response from everyone seeing and hearing it in action. Cheers ... Gary Lalonde”

Brandon Giffin
The Zenith Passage

“I've been playing bass for years, but when I first got my hands on a Dingwall NG3 it truly felt like a whole new instrument. The playability is phenomenal and the extended scale provides so much clarity in the lower register. It blew me away”

Tomoya Tachikawa
Bassist, composer

“I’ve played many different basses, but there’s nothing like my Dingwall Z2 & Z3. For halls and big arenas, or for crowded recordings, it’s perfect. The sound is so fast and clear! I could never let it go!”

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Pedro Vera

“When I first discovered Dingwall Guitars I was blown away by the designs and aesthetics. My Afterburner is what I've always been looking for, both in the recording studio and live. Thank you to the team for capturing who I am and what I do”

Jase Sng
The Steve McQueens

“The Dingwall concept is quite frankly a clear solution to any reservations one might have about owning a bass with a B string; think deep, detailed & functional to the highest position on the fretboard.”

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Ryan Oxford
Awaken I Am

“I remember the first time I laid eyes on a sparkling new Dingwall bass. It danced and flew itself around the stage attached to Alex Milovic, who helped me first get in contact with Dingwall”

Glen Mollen
Circus Maximus

“Throughout my bass playing career, I rarely have mind-blowing experiences picking up new basses. The first time sitting down with the Combustion model gave me just that.”

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Patrick Laplan
Los Hermanos, Rodox

“My passive Super-J with nylon wound strings is the best bass in the universe. The pickups are full of character, with a distinct bite and tasteful mids, while the ergonomics make the playing effortless and intuitive”

Sion Chen
KST, Flesh Juicer

“The super long scale of Dingwall allows me to keep a clean sustain even during a complicated riff. The fan fret is not as difficult to play as it seems, rather it allows a faster and more intuitive play in high notes position.”

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Hank Insell
Rosewood Hotel Beijing

“When I use the Dingwall live, I can feel the floor move, the energy of the crowd just skyrockets!”

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Matthew Denis

“Sheldon & Co. have a truly unique bass design philosophy over at Dingwall, the most obvious aspect of which is their use of the Novax fanned-fret system; in addition to being visually striking, it creates perfectly even tension and timbre, as well as uncannily accurate intonation, throughout the entire neck.”

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Bobby Fernandez

“I have been playing bass for a long time and nothing compares to Dingwall Basses. From the minute I played my first Dingwall I knew I had found the Answer to my tone quest. Flawless craftsmanship and jaw-dropping tone”

Dino Ivelja
Kraj Programa

“When I first tried them, I knew this is it. For me, they are the best basses out there. So easy to play and control and the sound is just amazing. Sheldon and the whole team - thank you for everything!”

Alex Milovic

“Before picking up Dingwall basses, I had no real experience with fanned fret basses or the pro's to them. From the first play, I was blown away at how in tune my Dingwall Combustion was. Being tuned to drop F.”

Arlington Houston
Tyranny Allen, John Handy

“I’ve been playing Dingwall bass guitars since 2000. It’s a great feeling when you have an instrument that performs at such a high level. It gives you the complete freedom of expression.”

William Shively
Boyz II Men

“The first time I played a Dingwall, my mind was blown! At the turn of the pickup selector I could select from P-Bass-, Jazz Bass-, or MusicMan-style bass tones! The clarity and playability is incredible, and the contour of the neck really lends itself to my fretting hand. It’s the perfect tool to accommodate the wide variety of styles that the artists and producers I work for need.”

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Bertrand Allaume
Johann Riche, Beltuner

“Bertrand Allaume is a french bass player, composer, producer and label manager. Actually, besides his solo projects, he works on different musical projects like Beltuner, basT, or Ouroub'. Before that, he was bass”

William J Eppel
Root Shock

“Bill Eppel has been playing bass for over 30 years and has enthusiastically embraced reggae & its associated bass-centric sub-genres for the past two decades. After a number of years playing in punk, hardcore,”

Andy Crawford
The Five Hundred, Draconian Reign

“As soon as I picked up a Dingwall, I was hooked for life. The tone and the way they cut through the mix is second to none. The multi-scale setup offers so much clarity in the lower register. I’m always getting compliments from sound guys and musicians on the road”

Micheal Palmquist
Norma Jean

“Recording bands for a living I need a bass that will never waiver in delivering quality and consistency. No matter what genre, my 5 string Combustion never fails”

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Gualo Garcia
Ninel Conde

“I’ve played many different basses and I can say that aside from feeling like family with Dingwall, this is the coolest evolution of the bass guitar in every aspect. There’s no going back”

Sam Beck

“Dingwall basses are easily the best I've ever used. No other basses get the low strings quit right like there. The Physics don’t lie. Not to mention the insane electronics that allow”

Keith Kohlhepp
Shadow of Intent

“Dingwall basses have changed the way I approach my bass playing. From the perfect feel of the neck to the comfortability and feel of the string attack, from the unique fanned fretting. I am able to approach”

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Fumi Koyasu
Bassist, author

“I switched from Fender to Dingwall due to the unique sound and the comfortable design worked for my small hands. The transition was a musical revelation, and I’ve never looked back. My Dingwall bass has become my sonic companion, and I continue to embrace the possibilities it offers”

Dale Prinsse
Caligula’s Horse

“Dingwall basses will blow you away from your first play, ticking every box for my playing: weight, aesthetics, ergonomics, low-end and sub consistency in the upper frets, to presence and attack frequencies made”

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Conner Green

“I’ve played so many different basses in my lifetime, and my Dingwall is the only one that keeps me coming back. In fact, no other bass really compares. It’s built impeccably, and the fanned fret design helps me to facilitate any style. It’s a dream bass!”

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Shinji Segawa
Sentimental City Romance

“As a producer who constantly jumps between different artists and genres, I need an instrument that can make the same leaps. From old-school thump to modern pop to fusion jazz, the tonal range of my Dingwall Combustion is HUGE. It just nails everything!”

Ramone Valerio

“My Dingwall sounds so badass! I love the feel of the fretboard and the range of tones is perfect. I can get it to sing like a humpback whale or purr like an aggressive black panther!”

Naoki Haji

“DINGWALL has drastically changed my perception towards bass instruments. It has a LowB/clear sound, and when playing it, it leaves behind a ring similar to that of a piano.”

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Ivan Carranza

“I love Dingwall's commitment to quality and performance. My Super P is an exceptional instrument with superb playability and a tone that sits just right in the mix.”

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Dann Glenn
Freddie Hubbard, Jennifer Batten

“Dann is best known for his virtuosity, fearless approach to harmony, and an instantly recognizable signature style. His mentor was the late-great Monk Montgomery; first to record Electric Bass, on a Jazz recording.”

Bill Eppel
Root Shock

“Across hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of hard-gigging on the road, I’ve depended on Dingwall Guitars for their rock-steady dependability. In fact, they’re the only instruments I’ll travel with. After 20 years it’s still a thrill to pick one up”

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Ludovico Cioffi

“When I tried the NG3 for the first time, I was shocked for how easily it sounded perfect in the mix. It just gives you the right feeling, and it plays incredibly effortless so I can really focus on the show!”

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Lauri Silvonen

“I just love my Dingwall - it has proven itself both in the studio and on the road every time. That extra length truly makes a difference with low tunings.”

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Darren Carikas

“After many years of searching I have finally found a bass that ticks every box. Insane tone with a tight and punchy 5th string and excellent comfort and playability. This is my forever bass!”

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Kay Brem

“I spent two decades hunting for the perfect bass and then in 2016 I had the chance to play a Dingwall. I could not believe the massive sound coming out of the PA. These are the best bass guitars in the galaxy!”

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Felipe The Explorer

“20,000 km carrying my Dingwall on a bicycle, more than 300 shows, and still sounding and playing amazing.”

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Zachary Rizer
Solo Artist

“As a 6-string player, having a solid low B-string along with clear and rich chords in the upper register is very important to me. With my Dingwall I've noticed an unparalleled consistency, with each note ringing clear and true. These instruments are a perfect amalgamation of form, function, and artistry, making them an essential part of my musical journey.”

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Riley Fields

“Dingwall Basses provide the low-end definition and tone I was looking for to help me stand out in the mix. I knew instantly that sonically and visually I had found the perfect bass.”

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Jani Hace

“My Dingwall D-Roc takes my bass performance to the next level. The sound, the look, the feel.. it just has that X factor both live and in the studio”

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Gavin Thane

“I’ve finally found the instrument for me. It’s truly unlocked a whole new level of potential in my bass playing”

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Lu Salinas

“Comfortable weapon, amazing tone, great performance and stability, gorgeous look, do I need something more?”

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Matteo Raccone
Omega Zero

“Dingwall basses have an amazing feel and offer a unique low-end definition, in addition to being the most versatile basses I’ve ever played. Since the first time I plugged in my NG3, I decided that it was the one”

Ken Reed
Seven Day Slumber

“Being a full time touring musician, I catch myself going back in after soundcheck to play this Dingwall. I have been blessed to be a part of some great bass companies, and by far Dingwall has been the most inspiring. I've never been this excited about playing a bass.”

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Jake Steinhauser

“Dingwall have changed the game, providing an unmatched level of clarity in even the lowest of tunings without compromising stability, feel or comfort. These instruments are the foundation for my sound in Polaris and a must-have for metal bassists.”

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