The Omnific



The Omnific

"Adding the Dingwall basses to our bass arsenel has filled the missing link required in our music. The power and clarity of the instrument has allowed us to expand upon our music in new ways, resulting in a stronger final product."

Bio: The Omnific is a progressive instrumental band from Melbourne, Australia featuring two bass players and a drummer. Three EPs deep, the band has attracted immense interest from all corners of the globe.

The Omnific’s accessible style is for all music lovers; from those seeking to be challenged to those who wish to be blanketed by atmosphere, creating an identifiable sound and resulting in a strong, diverse international fan base.

The young trio has established working relationships with reputable companies: Dingwall Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, Ernie Ball Music Man, SJC Custom Drums & Neural DSP, bringing attention among the ‘Gear-Nerd’ community. Coupled with their online play-through, gear demo and music videos, the band’s reach is beyond what many would expect from this impressive Melbourne trio so early in their career.

With a breadth of performances under their belt, the band has developed their live show to accurately represent their unique 2 bass guitar signature, proving that the virtuoso elements of their music does translate to and can be performed on the live stage.