Jacky Man



Dingwall is the perfect combination of playability, versatility and stability. My ABZ has been the main axe in my arsenal since 2015.

It has the tightest low B string I have ever played. The fanned-fret system enables the possibility of 37" scale, the jaw-dropping B string is even more unbeatable for downtuned playing. It also provides a better balance of tone and tension between different strings, making the basses more comfortable to play with. And I have traveled to different countries in different climates for tours, it’s just STABLE.


Jacky Man is a metal and rock bassist from Hong Kong. As a teenager he dabbled with acoustic and electric guitar, but he was quickly drawn to the resonance of low frequencies.

A progressive metal and hard rock fanatic influenced by the likes of Dream Theater and Mr. Big, Jacky emphasizes speed and power in his playing style. In 2011, he competed in Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition with progressive rock band Jukator and they were crowned Asian Champion. He was awarded “The Best Bassist” in Midi Band Competition in Beijing in the same year.

Jacky’s pursuits extend beyond progressive music. As a recording and live session player, his performances with well-known Cantonese pop singers have taken him from stadiums around China, Venetian Macau, to the Golden State Warriors’ former home court Oakland Oracle Arena. His versatility and varied interests have also given him the opportunities to work in musical theater productions.

When he's not on stage, Jacky finds joy in playing darts and helping his students tackle math problems.