Wednesday, 18 May 2022
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There are many details that need to be checked before using the electric chain hoist, and every detail is very important. No matter which detail is ignored, it will directly affect the stability of the whole operation process of the electric chain hoist. The electric chain hoist literally has two main points, one is the chain and the other is the voltage. I said before that the core technology of electric chain hoists is embodied in the lifting chain, so let's learn the importance of the voltages together this time.

The motor is the core of the electric chain hoist, and there are many places that the motor needs to pay attention to, but our daily operating environment is not as perfect as we imagined, so sometimes we will do things that violate the regulations. When the motor is in trouble, it will burn lightly. If the motor is broken, the electric chain hoist cannot be operated. In the worst case, the operator will get an electric shock or a fire. The damage caused by electricity is unpredictable, so we must operate according to regulations.

Excessive voltage: If you apply too much power supply voltage to the motor, it will cause the power line to be overloaded and the current will be too large. When supplying voltage to the motor, it is not as much as possible. It has a maximum limit, so It depends on the situation. If the power supply voltage is too high, the motor will be burnt out, and sparks will even appear, which will cause the electric chain hoist to lose power and fail to work normally.

Voltage is too small: If the power supply voltage applied to the motor is too small, the power line current is too small to reach the rated voltage of the electric chain hoist motor, and the tension provided is less than the weight of the object to be lifted (similar to overload), resulting in a drop The cargo cannot be lifted or the lifting speed is much lower than the rated lifting speed.

In short, if the power supply voltage is too large or too small, it will cause varying degrees of damage to the electric chain hoist. Therefore, before using the electric chain hoist, you must ensure the stability of the power supply voltage. Only in this way can the electric chain hoist be guaranteed. Operational safety and service life.
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