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Types of overhead crane parts can be produced accordingly. Dongqi design and produce crane accessories for you with controlled quality and delivery time. Which crane accessories do you need, overhead crane accessories or gantry crane accessories?


Crane accessories : Overhead crane accessories and gantry crane accessories

Lifting crane is one kind of lifting machinery; it is machine with loop and intermittent motion.

A work cycle comprising: load handling device lift the object from the extract field, and then moved horizontally to the appointed place down the object, followed by reverse movement, so that the load handling device return to the home position for the next cycle.
Usually lifting machinery consists of lifting mechanism (up and down movement of the object), traveling mechanism (to make lifting machinery moving), luffing mechanism and rotating mechanism (to make object for horizontal movement), metacor, power unit, operating control and the necessary assistive devices. Within a certain range of vertical lifting and carrying heavy loads of multi-level action, it is also known as the crane. It is mainly used for lifting items can also be equipped with spreader for lifting bulk materials and liquid material. It is with intermittently movement, which is in a work cycle reclaimer, transport, loading and unloading mechanisms are working alternately. The mechanisms are often in the operating state of starting, braking, forwarding and reversing operation.

1. Wire rope
Check the wire rope specifications, models and the matching pulley reel whether meets the design requirements. Wire rope fixed end clamp, rope-clip, wedge blocks and other fixed installation meets the requirements. And whether wear, broken, kinks, crushed, bent, broken stocks and corrosion of rope exceeding the required standard.

2.Crane hook
Check whether the crane hook and mousing-hook device meets the requirements, whether hook with defects such as crack, flake and other defects; whether hook section wear, increasing amount of the opening degree and torsional deformation exceeding the required standard; hook neck and surface deformation, fatigue cracks and related pin, cover wear.

3. Coupling
Whether coupling parts have defects, loose connections and run impact. Whether couplings, pin, shaft pin hole and cushion rubber ring wear exceeding the required standard. Whether the coupling member connected with the two parts are concentric.

4. Reel
Whether reel body, reel edge with fatigue cracks and breakage, etc.; whether rope groove and reel wall wear exceeding the required standard; reel rim height and rope winding layers can match or not; whether rope guide and rope arranger working conditions meets the required standard;

5. Braking device
Whether the brake design and type meets the design requirements; whether brake lever, spring with fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects; wear of pin shaft, spindle, brake wheel and brake pad exceed the required standard or not, hydraulic brake oil leaks or not ; brake clearance adjustment and braking capacity can meet the requirements or not.

6. Pulleys
Whether there are anti-off rope groove device of the pulley; pulley rope groove and rim have cracks, broken edges, excessive wear and other deflects; whether pulley rotation is flexible.

7. Wheels
Whether the wheel tread and wheel axle with fatigue cracks; wheel axle and tread wear exceeding the required standard or not. Whether rail-gnawing occurs during traveling.

8. Reducer
Whether happens with intense metal rubbing runtime, vibration, radiation, and other unusual sounds during reducer operating; shaft end seal is intact or not, whether loose and other defects with the bolts; whether gear lubricant selection, oil level and gear transmission lubrication exceeding the required standard or not.

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Overhead crane parts & Gantry crane accessories
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