Friday, 03 December 2021
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Recently, we completed a crane installation project from Pakistan. This customer began to negotiate with us in August. After half a month of communication, we finally reached a final agreement. Because of COVID-19’s reason, our engineers could not help customers to install the scene. They could only be guided by video. Fortunately, the 1 ton overhead crane successfully completed the installation, and the customers sent us a photo of the celebration.


Design requirements for 1t overhead crane from Pakistani customers
In any crane design process, close communication is essential. In this crane case, the customer’s plant already exists. We need to design an overhead crane that can meet the customer’s needs according to the scale of the plant. The problem with the plant is that the space is small and the size is limited. After careful consideration, our technicians give the design idea as follows:

Max. span – reduce column width
Max. maximum lifting height – the steel plate of the main beam is thickened and the height is reduced
Min. minimization of end beam – European structure, compact layout
As a hoist and crane manufacturer, Dongqi hoist and crane offers types of cranes and other lifting equipment for Maldives material handling market.

Installation of 1 ton overhead crane completed in Pakistan
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