Friday, 03 December 2021
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Wire rope hoist is a kind of light lifting equipment with a wide range of uses. Because it has the advantages of faster lifting speed and higher lifting height, it is loved by many customers. Our customers in the Philippines especially love wire rope gourds. Recently, we completed an order for a 16 ton wire rope hoist. The customer is from a glass factory in Manila, Philippines. This is not the first time that this customer has purchased hoisting equipment from us, so all communication is very smooth. We completed the delivery of the order with the customer within one month.

Parameters of 16t wire rope hoist
Lifting capacity: 16 tons
Lifting height: 9m
Voltage: 480 / 3 / 60
As a wire rope hoist manufacturer and supplier, Dongqi Hoist and Crane offers types of hoists for customers, including single / double speed hoist, low headroom hoist, explosion proof hoist, safety hoist, etc. If you need any hosit , please feel free to contact us or leave your message below with the main parameters of the wire rope hoist you need, such as, lifting capacity, lifting height, voltage, speed, etc.


16t wire rope hoist sale to Philippines

If necessary, we will continue to provide customers with photos of the production process of lifting equipment. Good communication is the best way to solve problems. We will make unremitting efforts to win the trust of customers

16t wire rope hoist are sold from China to the Philippines
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