Monday, 14 October 2019
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Hi... :(

Although I'm primarily a lead guitarist, I still play bass for half of my band's recordings and I use my NG2 for all of the said bass recordings.

The big problem with the NG2 is that it still doesn't sound particularly as throaty and snappy as all of the bass covers I've seen where they were all using a Z3 (at least four of them I can name right away, including Naoki Haji, kairibass, Tun 88, and Rufus Mann. Most specifically, kairibass, because he already had a couple songs where he tuned his Z3 in Drop G, the same tuning that my band currently uses, except we play originals exclusively.

One big thing I noticed with all of these covers is that all of them had their pickup positions where all three of the Z3s' pickups were active at the same time.

I looked everywhere to try and find the differences tone-wise between a Z3 and an NG3 and some say that there are no differences while others say Z3s are brighter because the pickups are closer to the bridge.

I'm really having a tough time figuring out if it really is either all three pickups at the same time or the pickups being closer to the bridge because if I really have to buy a Z3 in order to get the tone I'm looking for, I'm going to have to pay $7,000+ for that kind of bass and that's a tall order as I already put in another $1.6K+ on this Darkglass Alpha-Omega 900 amplifier, and if I only need a third pickup it'll be relatively easy to get to that point.

I wish someone did a comparison video between an NG3 and a Z3 while all three pickups are active for both cases, or better yet, a blind test, both basses run through either a Darkglass B7K or AO Ultra, because if I can't tell the difference, all I have to do is upgrade my NG2 into an NG3 with a simple kit that only costs a little extra.

Is anyone... willing to... do that for me...? Please and thank you...? ^-^;;
2 years ago
Hey hope you are doing well!?

Curious to know if you ended up going for one or the other? Where are you in this project!
1 year ago
So far, I found these two videos of Jacob Umansky, that may give hints:
- NG3:
- Z:

(IMHO, looks like there is a non negligible gain).
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