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  3. Saturday, 07 December 2013
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I just got my first Dingwall Super series 5 string, and I'm looking at string options. Wanting a lighter string than it shipped with...130, 105, 85, 65, 45s, I'm pretty sure. Our beloved, stock Dingwall strings look to be too long. I use D'addario rounds on my SJ4. I wonder if the 5 str set will fit my SuperP-5? Any opinions or suggestions from Super series 5 string players are much appreciated.
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Lots of choices for the Super series basses! DR nickel Lowriders, Sunbeams, TI jazz flats. Go on over to Bassstringsonline.com. Jason can give you lengths to make sure they will fit. They also sell single strings so you can experiment with B strings. He's got a whole section for the long scale fanned fret basses as well.

Non tapered B strings may require a shorter saddle screw to get the action lower. These are a common hardware store item.

The B string is tricky since there isn't much space from the nut to the tuner peg, but even non tapered, full thickness strings will make the bend most times.
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