Saturday, 14 November 2020
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Hi, I own a NG-3 Combustion 5 Darkglass 10th Anniversary model and I want to record some bass in my home studio.
Now I hear interferences from the pickups. They will be less loud if I switch to passive mode but they are always there.
I can hear the noise if I will go directly into my amp and it's also clearly hearable if I will record the bass and put some compression on my recorded signal.

Of course I tested everything to avoid this interferences (d.i. box, different cables, other room, shut down all computers and electrical devices in my studio and so on).
I also testet my Musicman Stingray and an Yamaha bass (also active) in the same environment and there are no hearable interferences.

I can't use my Dingwall for studio recordings at the moment and I wonder what I can do. Could that be a failure in the pickaup/darkglass electronics?
I sent you some recorded noise (I used compression on this signal to make the noise louder but you will hear that these recordings are not usable for further processing in a mix.)

Thanks for help!
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