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  3. Wednesday, 23 October 2013
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Some exciting news here!!

While I am waiting for the Dingwall Nickel strings to arrive, I have received two sets of strings from Sansone Strings which I have mentioned to you guys a few months ago, as these are the strings endorsed by Alessandro Stellano who is a Dingwall endorser, I am very excited because Alessandro is coming to play a gig in London with his rock band called Hungarvain at a very big and important venue called the Roundhouse in Camden, a lot of famous names play in that place, anyway I am excited because I will be doing their photographic shoot and will also record a video for them.

Anyway these Sansone strings are here, they sent me two sets to try one for my Dingwall long scale 5 string bass (ABZ or ABII) and one set of 4 strings for normal basses which I will put on my Fender American Standard Jazz. Soon as they are on I will report my findings and let you all know what they are like, Hopefully with the help of Bass Direct, the idea is to start importing these Sansone strings so as soon as they are on my bass I will go and take that bass to Mark Stickley for him to try and decide. Let's hope they are as good as Alessandro Stellano says.

Personally I am prepared to try anything even though I am devoted to the Dingwall's own brand of Stainless Steel, I will see how these Sansone compare and will hold no bar on my opinion of them, in other words if I find them to be crap I will tell it as it is. You know I will

Here are the strings:

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