Monday, 06 June 2022
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DHS express electric chain hoist is a simple alternative to the chain hoist. The main committee is used to reduce the labor and waste of the operator. The hoist is composed of a hoist body, a disc motor and a reducer. It is suitable for high-rise external frame lifting, equipment installation, road and bridge engineering and other sites with slow lifting speed or demanding work. It is suitable for low-speed and small-stroke material loading and unloading, equipment installation, mining and engineering construction.

The DHS type fast ring tank electric hoist retains the light and convenient characteristics of the chain hoist, and improves the manual operation of the chain hoist and the lifting speed. It integrates the characteristics of the electric heating and the chain hoist. Using disc brush motor as power, planetary reducer decelerates, it has the characteristics of compact structure, small size and light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, reliable braking, simple maintenance and so on.
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