Monday, 21 February 2011
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Hello there! I'm looking for a trade.. That's what I'm offering: Elrick Bass Guitar, Hybrid, Platinum Series 5 strings Alder body, maple neck, wenge fretboard Holly top (truly rare) Xtended B Headstock Barts J-coil pickups, 3-way Bartolini NTMBF 3-bandPreamp (bass, 3 ways mids, lows). Active/passive switch. Built between April and August 2010 Condition: PERFECT, like NEW [url:2wvsbw9s][/url:2wvsbw9s] I'm looking for a Dingwall bass Z series or AB I or II 5/6 strings, or Super J (PJ as well) 5 strings, in any case (except for ABII) MAPLE fingerboard ONLY (I love maple!) I live in italy. ciao! Alberto
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