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  3. Saturday, 20 February 2016
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I'm having a Dingwall Super P bass built and I'm curious about strings. I was wondering how the stainless steel Dingwall strings handled the E string being tuned down to D or C#. I currently use Rotosound BS66's (110-43) on my current 78 P bass which handles the tunings fine.

I'm looking for the lowest possible action and best playability possible. My other concern with running the Rotosounds is about about how low I will be able to get the action as the Rotosounds E is a non tapered 110 E string and the Dingwall is a 98 tapered E. Can the saddle screws by modified to accommodate the thicker E string?

Has anyone had any experience with the strings on a Super P using the double drop tuner for D and C# E string tunings?

Thanks again
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