Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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Today I share an order for a chain hoist from a Pakistan express warehouse. The customer needs a 20-ton electric hoist for the handling of large packages in the warehouse. We recommended this 20 ton electric chain hoist to our customers.

20 ton electric chain hoist in Pakistan
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Reasons for Pakistani customers to choose chain hoists
The overall performance of the electric chain hoist motor is good, the safety and reliability of the use are more guaranteed, and the probability of danger is reduced.
The whole body structure of the electric chain hoist is very simple. It is convenient for installation, disassembly, and maintenance, and has good maintainability.
Better headroom height, effectively saving space, multiple styles (fixed type, low headroom, running type) are not restricted by small space.
The shell is made of light aluminum alloy shell, which is light and strong, with high heat dissipation rate, and the fully sealed design is suitable for use in environments with poor operating conditions.
Dongqi offers wide selection of electric chain hoist, such as, 10 ton chain hoist, 1.5 ton chain hoist, 4 ton chain hoist, 6 ton chain hoist, 15 ton chain hoist, up to 100+ ton chain hoist, etc. Contact us to get more information now.

20 ton chain hoist used in Pakistan express warehouse
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