Kyle Konkiel Signature Combustion

The Kyle Konkiel Signature Combustion has been produced to the exact specifications of Bad Wolves bassist Kyle Konkiel. From a player’s perspective, this is a great-looking, versatile instrument that covers what might be termed ‘Dingwall territory’ – and then some.

“It manages to provide not just one but a whole collection of great bass tones that have loads of character,” says Kyle. 


A well-established stalwart of the Dingwall catalogue, the Combustion brilliantly showcases the smooth curves so typical of Dingwall bass designs. The body is alder with a maple neck, wenge fingerboard and Ralph Novak’s multi-scale, fanned-fret system, which results in a 34–37-inch scale spread across the five strings (the scale length of the B-string is three inches longer than the G).


The Kyle Konkiel Signature model is brought to life by a purple and green color-shift finish, meaning the body can change color depending on the lighting and angle it’s viewed at. “I got the idea from a Lamborghini I saw cruising around LA,” says Kyle. “It had the same color-shift finish.” 


What you get here is a perfect combination of looks, feel and flexibility, and a fast, comfortable neck that allows you to be as adventurous as you like.


It has a distinctive tone too, thanks to three of Dingwall’s highly-rated FD3-N pickups, Dingwall’s Quad-tone switching system and a Nordstrand 3-band active EQ, with each position of the four-way selector switch yielding a voice that’s distinct and musically useful.


To make it a truly versatile instrument, Kyle chose to compliment the Combustion’s already hard ’n’ heavy setup with a simple selector switch for the middle pickup that allows for an additional configuration – the first time this feature has been used on a Combustion. “The result is a fantastic blend of vintage and modern bass tones that should appeal to just about anybody,” says Dingwall CEO, Sheldon Dingwall. “The tones are warm, clear and powerful without being overbearing when you need a bit of subtlety.”


Much of the hardware employs the conventional Combustion approach. We collaborated with Hipshot to modify their Ultra-lite tuners, which resulted in a shorter tuning peg that allows proper downward angle at the nut for maximum sustain and improved stability.

The bridge started with an available bridge/saddle system that met our requirements for solid performance and great tone. We then improved on it by designing a custom riser system to provide an increased range of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the action.


Dingwall strings have been meticulously tested to maximize performance and deliver a tone that blends effortlessly with any style of music. We were the first company to design strings specifically for multi-scale instruments. Available in both nickel and stainless steel, our strings provide an even tension for optimal balance, letting you experience the warmest highs and the tightest lows possible.

Note: basses are shipped with Dingwall Nickel Strings


Hybrid Manufacturing
Scale Length
5 string 37”-34” inches(939-863.6mm)
5-Piece Maple, bolt-on
9.45” Radius (240mm)
Novax Fanned-fret System
24 “acoustic-sized” frets, 0.040” tall x 0.080” wide
Dingwall FD3-N Pickups
Neodymium Magnets
3 Pickup Models Wired in Series
Nordstrand3-Band EQ
Bass:+/-12db / 50Hz
Middle:+/-12db / 250Hz
Treble:+/-12db / 4KHz
Overall Gain 0-15db internally adjusted

Master Volumewith Push/Pull Active/Passive Switch
4-Position Rotary Pickup Selector
3-Band Active EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble)
Neck PickupToggle Switch
Adjustable String Height, Bridge String Spacing, and Intonation
String Spacing at Bridge
5 string 0.709 inches (18mm)
20:1 Gear Ratio
Pickup Positions (1-4 Left to Right)
1 with Middle Pickup Switch off: Bridge Solo
1 with Middle Pickup Switch on:Bridge/Middle Parallel
2 with Middle Pickup Switch off: Bridge/Neck Parallel
2 with Middle Pickup Switch on: Bridge/Middle/Neck Parallel
3 with Middle Pickup Switch off: Bridge/Neck Series
3 with Middle Pickup Switch on: Bridge/Neck Series in Parallel with Middle
4 with Middle Pickup Switch off: Neck Solo
4 with Middle Pickup Switch on:Neck/Middle Parallel
Matte Green to Purple Colorshift
Custom Dingwall Padded Gigbag Included
5 String Right Handed Only