D-ROC Custom

The D-Roc Custom is our take on this classic design. Our version is very balanced, with no neck dive! 

This passive 3 pickup design features a super sleek khaya body, matching wood pickguard and the great tone and definition you look for in a Dingwall. Most colors we offer are available in a matte finish.

Available in 4 and 5 strings 


Khaya body, matching wood pickguard. Black Hipshot/Dingwall hardware.


We designed a downsized tribute headstock with Hipshot Ultralite. The results are excellent balance and solid performance.


In my years in the guitar repair business, I constantly had to deal with humidity-related problems made worse by our local climate’s colossal temperature and humidity swings. Simple design changes and material choices could have minimized many of these problems.
Touring musicians are constantly amazed at how stable Dingwall instruments are.

We’ve experimented with many different laminations and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the most reliable. Years of experience have proven this design to be extremely stable and reliable.
We offer a 5-piece laminated wenge and roasted Ash neck options.


The V3 bridge is our newest minimalist bridge design. It is lightweight, solid and simple to adjust. A single wrench adjusts both the action and intonation.

The wrench size has been carefully chosen to be universally compatible with metric and imperial systems. As with the Z and Afterburner bridges, the adjustments are set and forget, leaving you free to focus on your music.

The hidden ball pocket simplifies restringing, making the process quicker and easier than ever before. The “bridge in pocket” design allows the bridge to be mounted to flat or curved top basses. The bridge sits on adjustable macro-shims that allow for the perfect string angle to be achieved no matter how high or low the desired action.


FDV pickups are made in-house. They feature Alnico 5 magnets which offer high output and a smooth but aggressive tone.


Dingwall strings have been meticulously tested to maximize performance and deliver a tone that blends effortlessly with any style of music. We were the first company to design strings specifically for multi-scale instruments. Available in both nickel and stainless steel, our strings provide an even tension for optimal balance, letting you experience the warmest highs and the tightest lows possible.


Note: basses are shipped with Dingwall Nickel Strings


Khaya body, matching wood pickguard.
Body Core
The average weight of the D-Roc is a low 8.5 to 9.5 lbs.
Standard Top
Tone Chambers
Standard Top
Top Options
Exotic wood contrasting layer option
Matching Wood Cover Plates
The Matte D-Roc finishes are a polyurethane color and top coat. This industry standard finish is long-wearing and beautiful for years of service life.
Most colours are available. All finishes are matte.
Pickguard Options
Wenge is standard , Macassar Wenge is standard , Macassar-Ebony are optional, (pickguard matches headstock face)


Neck Construction
5-piece laminated Maple - Wenge and Roasted Ash optional.
Neck Carve
Medium thin C shape
Neck Reinforcement
Dingwall heavy duty truss-rod
Headstock options
Wenge standard, Ebony- Macassar optional
Standard Fingerboard
Fingerboard Options
Wenge, Quarter Sawn Maple, Pau Ferro, Macassar Ebony
Fretless Option
Macassar Ebony with segmented-lines Fretwire
Fret Options
Vintage small size 18% hard nickel silver fretwire
Position Markers and Inlays
Ellipse face markers, 3 mm pearloid side dots (Standard).Speedo Bars (Optional)


Fingerboard radius
7-1/2” (at the nut) to 25" (at the bridge)
Scale Lengths
B 37”
E 36.25″
A 35.5″
D 34.75″
G 34″


Bridge Spacing 4
19 mm – .748″
Bridge spacing 5
18mm - 709
Nut width 4
42 mm – 1.65″
Nut width 5
45.5 mm - 1.8"
Heel width 4
60 mm – 2.36″
Heel width 5
75 mm - 2.95"
Neck thickness @ 1st fret
21 mm – .827″
Neck thickness @ 12th fret
24 mm – .945″


Handmade FDV
Exotic wood shells, matching wood shells
Standard Electronics
Passive FDV pickups, master volume, 4 position Quad-tone pickup selector, master tone.
Pre-amp Option
Switchcraft barrel jack


Hardware color
Hipshot Ultra-lite
Dingwall V3
Strap Pins
Dunlop flush mount strap retainers