About us

Dingwall Team


Passionate, Driven, Hardworking, Honest, Creative, Proud, Obsessive

These are words that describe the people here at Dingwall Guitars.

We lie awake at night dreaming up ways to build better and better instruments. Currently we occupy over 6000 sq ft of space in Saskatoon’s industrial area. We have a core team of 14 that are very involved in the selection of woods, production and customer service. The shop atmosphere is casual but intensely focused.

At Dingwall Guitars we approach our craft with a passion that borders on obsession. Somehow the love that we have for the instruments as we build them stays with the instrument when it leaves the shop. Maybe that is what players describe as the “soul” of an instrument. It is our hope that you as a customer will not only be blown away by the quality of, feel and construction, but will also connect on a spiritual level with our instruments. In that way, you will bring the best out of the instrument and it will bring the best out in you.