Otto Schimmelpenninck



Otto Schimmelpenninck

Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1982, Otto Schimmelpenninck started playing bass guitar at the age of 14, after having played numerous classical instruments. In 1998, aged 16, he joined dutch melodic death metal band Detonation. With Detonation, he recorded 4 albums, 3 EP’s, and played well over 200 shows. In 2010 he joined dutch symphonic metal group Delain. He has since played well over 400 shows spread out over multiple tours in north- and south America, Europe, Russia and Japan, and recorded 3 studio album and 2 EP’s.

Otto used to play Modulus Quantum basses for Delain, both live and in the studios, but has built up a fair collection of other basses for ‘recreational’ use. “I heard seriously good stories about Dingwall basses and had been eager to check one out for a little while already, when I found a guy from Canada who had an Afterburner for sale. I just loved the looks of it and since it was only a couple of weeks until we’d play Canada, I decided to jsut buy it and take it back home after the tour. I used the bass for a couple of shows that tour, just for fun and never really with the intention to replace my Modulus which I’d already used for countless shows. Our sound engineer however was really impressed with the incredibly tight low-end on the bass. I did feel the Afterburner lacked the real aggressiveness needed for Delain’s music, which is why I reached out to Dingwall to see if they could endorse me with a bass more suited to Delain’s music. After lots of emails and careful thought I decided to go for a Lamborghini Orange Combustion NG2. And man, was I in for a treat. I have played lots of basses, but this one is my favorite one by far. First off, I love the fanned frets, which are actually far easier and more natural to play than regular frets. Getting used to them is a matter of days. And the added benefit is the large scale on the B-string, which makes the low end really tight. Since we are tuned down to A, the ‘flabbing’ low string has always been my main concern with basses, but the Combustion has really solved that forever. The sound on the bass is absolutely sick. I really can’t wish for anything more. It delivers tons of punch, has clarity in the high-end and is tight in the low end. It cuts thorugh my monitor mix without pushing the other instruments away. I’ve had more compliments on my sound on the past month than in the 10 years before and can’t imagine using anything else than my Combustion! Dingwall has been kind enough to send me yet another Combustion NG2  in metallic black. I love it as well, but the Lamborghini Orange remains my favorite. So if you catch us live, you’ll see me playing the orange Combustion 80% of the time”.


DELAIN Fire With Fire - Live at Paradiso