Thursday, 16 June 2022
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Electric chain hoist is a very practical small lifting tool. The body is carefully made of high-quality aluminum alloy and can be operated at any height. It is a commonly used tool in the power industry. But some users will encounter the situation that the electric chain hoist cannot lift heavy objects. Why is this?

If the internal gear of the electric chain hoist fails, you can open the chain cover to check whether the internal chain is kinked, etc., and correct it in time.
The electric chain hoist is equipped with an overload limiter. When the weight of the heavy object exceeds the load limit of the equipment, the electric chain hoist will stop working.
The voltage problem of the electric chain hoist. The supply voltage does not meet the rated voltage of the equipment or the voltage is unstable, and the equipment may not work normally. At this time, you can stop working or use a voltage stabilizer.
If the electric chain hoist is overloaded, and the weight of the hoisting object exceeds the load of the electric chain hoist, the equipment may not be able to lift heavy objects. It is very dangerous to use electric chain hoist with overload, and it is easy to cause heavy objects to fall off, or the motor to burn out.
If the motor performance of the electric chain hoist is not good, it is a product quality problem. If the performance of the motor is not good, it may cause the electric chain hoist to not work.
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