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What’s jib crane? The jib crane definition is that slewing arm, but cannot be tilted boom-type crane. The jib crane pick-up device is hung on the arm end or hung on a lifting trolley which can run along the spiral arm. Cantilever crane machine is developed in recent years of small and medium-sized lifting equipment.


Jib Crane Definition: Jib Crane Application
Widely used in workshop, storage, yard and some other fixed place
Especially used for lifting in short-distance or serried place
Forbidden to use it in inflammable, explosive corrosive condition
Jib Crane Definition: Jib Crane Main Features
The jib crane is developed in recent years, can be used freely in three dimensional space
Special structure, safe & reliable, high efficiency, energy and time saving
Light body weight, moving flexible, large operating space
Cover small area, easy operation and maintenance, economic durable, rotary flexible
Jib Crane Definition: Jib Crane Application Scope and Condition
Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃, humidity ≤85%, elevation below 1000m, Power is 3-PH, 380V、50HZ(also can accord to client's requirement)

Dongqi Jib Crane Types
BZ Fixed pillar jib crane definition
The pillar jib crane is also known as column cantilever crane, which can be designed and customized according to the needs of customers.BZ Type Pillar Jib Crane, Lifting capacity: 0.5t-5t,lifting height:1m-10m, Working class: light (A3).


Pillar jib crane has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, simple and convenient operation, flexible rotation, and the operating space is large. The BZ jib crane is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. The pillar jib crane can be widely used in factories and mines, workshop production line, assembly line and machine of upper and lower work and weight lifting warehouse, dock, etc.

BX Type Wall-mounted Jib Crane Definition
BX Type wall-mounted jib crane, lifting capacity 0.25t-1t, lifting height 1m-10m, Working class A3.Wall mounted jib crane is usually applicable to short distance, frequent and intensive material handling operations, in the places, such as, workshops, warehouses, docks, storage, ports, and assembly line, etc.


BB Type Wall-travelling Jib Crane Definition
BB Type Wall-travelling Jib Crane, lifting capacity 0.5t-16t, lifting height: 6m-30m, Working class A3.


The jib crane walking track installed in the cement column of the plant, along the track can do vertical movement, while electric hoist can be completed along the optional arm of the lateral movement and the vertical direction Lifting. This wall-travelling jib crane greatly expanded the scope of operations, more effectively utilized the workshop space, the use effect is more ideal.

What’s Jib Crane?|Jib Crane Definition and Advantages
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