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The order we are sharing today is from Uzbekistan. The customer is an old customer of ours, who has customized single-beam overhead cranes and some crane accessories. In this case, the customer customized a 3 ton European standard wire rope hoist. The European standard wire rope hoist is an excellent type of hoist that we have launched in recent years. Therefore, we hope to enhance customers’ understanding of the European standard wire rope hoist through some cases.

Pakistan European standard electric wire rope hoist parameters
European Type Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist parameter

Why recommend European standard wire rope hoist to customers
European wire rope hoist is perfect for all applications as it’s offered in several different configurations.
Plus, by leveraging standard modular components, maintenance is quicker and more cost-effective.
Application: Monorail Beam, Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Mineral Area Usage.
European Type Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist

European standard wire rope hoist parts details

Use the Q345-type seamless steel tube as raw material and process it by numbers of working procedure.
Advanced processing methods are to ensure concentricity of the drum.
The depth of rope groove is in compliance with the FEM standard. High-strength pressing plates and bolts are fastened on the end of the wire rope to ensure the safety lifting.
Lifting height limiter:

Freely adjustable screw lifting height limiter with high precision, wide adjustment rang, safe and reliable.
Multiple-contact configurations can effectively achieve the function of transition with low and high speed and the stop during the rise and fall.
Lifting hook group:

DIN standard lifting hook with safety clasp and wire rope sheath ergonomic design.
Compact structure, high safety class, small swing of lifted weights, safe lock.
Electric cabinet:

Controlling electric parts adopts Germany Schneider original packaging.
Rational design, convenient maintenance and decreasing running cost.
Reliable property, high flexibility, a long service life.
Equipped with overload limiter, protection grade is IP55.
Safety Device:

Overload Limit Switch.
Rubber Buffers.
Electric Protective Devices.
Emergency Stop System.
Voltage Lower Protection Function.
Current Overload Protection System.
Lifting Height Limit Device.
European standard wire rope hoist design drawing

How to customize European standard wire rope hoist
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a European standard wire rope hoist, you can leave a message on the website or email, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you:

Lifting capacity?
Lifting height? (Distance from hook to ground)
Power supply? (Standard power supply is 220V/380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz)
Application? (What materials to be lifted)
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