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What is an electromagnetic crane? What are the uses of electromagnetic cranes
Electromagnetic crane is a circuit control system that uses low voltage and current to control high voltage and high current. It has a small risk factor and is safe and convenient to operate. Commonly used electromagnetic crane forms include single-beam electromagnetic crane, double-beam electromagnetic bridge crane , electromagnetic double-beam gantry crane, electromagnetic hanging beam crane and so on. Electromagnetic cranes are generally used in places such as scrap steel recycling departments or steelmaking workshops.

Electromagnetic cranes can generate strong magnetic field force. Iron sheets, iron wires, nails, scrap iron and various other iron materials weighing tens of tons can be easily collected and transported without packing or tying them. The operation is labor-saving and the work is simplified. The steel materials and machines packed in wooden boxes can be handled in the same way. When using an electromagnetic crane, as long as the current in the solenoid coil does not stop, the lifted heavy objects will not fall, and the invisible magnetic force is more reliable than a strong chain. If the power is cut off for some reason, it will cause an accident. Therefore, some electromagnetic cranes are equipped with steel claws. After the heavy objects to be transported are lifted, the sturdy steel claws will automatically fall down and fasten them tightly. When using electromagnetic cranes, you cannot carry hot iron blocks, because high-temperature steel cannot be magnetized. The large electromagnetic crane can lift nearly a hundred tons of heavy objects at once.

The working principle of electromagnetic crane:
Use electromagnetic principles to transport steel items. The main part of the electromagnetic crane is an iron block. After the electric current is connected, the electromagnet firmly attracts the iron and steel objects and hoist them to the designated place. After the current is cut off, the magnetism disappears and the iron and steel objects return to the ground.

After the electromagnetic crane is energized, it generates a magnetic field, which in turn generates magnetic force. The electromagnetic force is used to attract objects. The characteristic of the electromagnetic crane is that the more the coil turns, the greater the magnetic force; the magnetic pole can be changed at will; the greater the current, the greater the magnetic force. The application of electromagnetic cranes makes the transportation of objects easier and faster, but the drawback is that electromagnetic cranes can only handle steel objects.

Electromagnetic cranes generally use soft iron as the core.

The reasons are as follows:

If the iron core of the electromagnet is made of steel, it will be magnetized to form a permanent magnet. Even after the electromagnet is powered off, the iron core is still magnetic and still has an attractive force to the cargo, which prevents the cargo from being separated from the electromagnetic crane smoothly. . When soft iron is used as an iron core, it is magnetized to form a soft magnet. When the electromagnet is de-energized, its magnetism also disappears.

The function of the electromagnet is to generate strong magnetism when it is energized, attract metal objects, and then move them by crane. There is no magnetism when it is not energized. The advantage that it is different from a permanent magnet is that the magnetism can be controlled at any time and it can be sent and received freely.

The working principle and application of electromagnetic crane
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