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Crane inspections is conducted to grantee the quality and safety of overhead cranes and gantry cranes. Dongqi Crane inspections conducted with the Saudi Arabia clients make them very satisfied with Dongqi overhead cranes and gantry crane manufacturer.

Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane for Saudi Arabia
The overhead crane and gantry crane are custom-made for a Saudi Arabia client, who is running Marine Service business in Saudi Arabia. In order to solve the material handling problems in his workshop, he ordered a set 3 ton overhead crane and 2 sets gantry crane from Dongqi Crane. The general information on the overhead crane and gantry are as follow:
General specifications
1. Overhead Crane 3t-14m, H6m
2. Gantry Crane 5t-20.7m, H12m with one side cantilever 2m
3. Gantry Crane 5t-30m, H14m with one side cantilever 2m
Cranes Applications
Lifting motors, fans and components; also do some maintenance work.
Crane working environment:
Outdoor type with much sand.

Crane inspections for the overhead crane and gantry cranes
Before the delivery of the products, the Arabic client appointed an experienced engineer to visit Dongqi Crane manufacturing working to inspect the overhead crane and gantry crane to make sure the quality of the overhead crane and gantry crane.

Crane inspection at workshop
With Saudi Arabia customers at Dongqi Crane Factory

During the inspections, except the common check of dimensions, clients pay more attention on the nameplates and components specifications, all the nameplates and components specifications are required in English, in case there is broken during operation, they can ask for exchange according to the NO.

Another issue during inspection is that they focus on the heating treatment procedure, we showed them heating pool and quenching equipment, also components production line, components (drums, hooks, wheels, bearings, couplings etc.) stock area.

Dongqi crane inspectionsDongqi crane inspections

Following we came to the electrical system warehouse to check the festoon, cables, suspended pendent and wireless remote controls, one problem proposed by clients that the suspended pendent and wireless remote control are in Chinese languages, we already reached agreement with the supplier, they will change them into English and promise that all of our order from them will made in English.

Painting and welding are the most important issue clients want to check, we visited the shot blasting workshop and saw primer painting site for few minutes, there are totally three layers for painting, standard thickness is 75-105μm;According to the requirements, we came to the sub-merged arc welding workshop and carbon dioxide arc welding site, after communication some welding knowledge with our welder, the facility visiting ended.

From about 2 hours visiting, we communicated and learnt much professional knowledge, we also got much useful suggestions from clients and these valued suggestions will push us to be more perfect.

Finally, we came to the meeting room to communicate the logistic and installation& commissioning issues; They told us Saudi Arabia market is a big potential market, and we also got some main points that most Saudi Arabia clients focus on, which are very helpful for us to open Saudi Arabia market, the most excited news is that they are willing to help us in Saudi Arabia market.


After the crane inspections, the Saudi Arabia clients are very satisfied with the overhead crane and gantry crane. When Dongqi Crane asked for their opinions and suggestions, they gave the following testimonial:

“I Have visited the factory of Dongqi Group ( Yt Crane), they have good facilities of the production , fabrication welding procedure, Heat treatment, Assembly Shop, Aluminum Blasting and Painting, The end product are good and have good tolerance level.
This staff at factory is well trained. I found the group dealing with us are very friendly and generous. I wish they will program faster. As a Chinese nation they are very friendly, giving us all kind solutions for our product.”

And the hand written version is as follow in the picture:

crane inspection testimonial

Dongqi Crane is determined to provide quality overhead crane and gantry crane for clients around the world. Any crane inspection from the clients are welcomed because Dongqi Crane believes the quality of overhead crane and gantry crane is beyond the expectation of the clients which could win your thumbs up. Welcome to our crane manufacturing factory for inspection.

If you want to learn more on the overhead crane and gantry crane, please feel free to contact Dongqi Crane.

Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane Inspections
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