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Our Australia customer need to use this HD electric overhead crane to lift agricultural production equipment. Based on this request, Dongqi has been soliciting feedback and opinions from our customer. Our engineers and experts have designed and improved this HD type single girder crane.

Lifting capacity: 6.3+6.3 ton
Span: 20 meters
Lifting height: 4.035 meters
Lifting speed: 2.7 m/min
CT speed: 21 m/min
LT speed: 20 m/min
Power supply : 415v 60hz 3phase
Motor protection grade: IP54
Control method: Wireless
Working class: A5
Working temperature:-20~+40℃
Runway Beam (40 m*2) 396*199*7*11mm (40m*2)
crane rail SYSTEM (40 m*2) P38 TRACK (40m*2)
HD single girder overhead crane design drawing

HD single girder overhead crane Advantages:
European single girder overhead crane is compact lifting machinery designed and manufacturing in strict accordance with FEM and DIN standard, which with advanced technology and beautiful design.
The European standard single girder crane is equipped with ND type European wire rope hoist, usually in a range of 1 ton to 16 ton.
HD type electric hoist overhead crane can be widely used in machinery manufacture, metallurgy, petroleum, petrifaction, port, railway, civil aviation, food, paper making, construction, electronics industries workshop, warehouse and other material handling situations, esp. applied to material handling that need precise positioning, large components precise assembly situation.
Customize Your Overhead Crane Needs:
Invest to know what client really needs:

We checked the working conditions with our Australia customer, including the factory photos, size and weight of agricultural machinery, plant expansion plan, we know that our customer also need us to provide steel structure.

Customize every details:

After confirming the advantages and disadvantages of the square track and the P-track with our product department and engineer, we recommend the P30 for the customer. The customer then chose the P30, also confirmed to use welded plate.

P30 rails of European electric overhead crane

European Single Girder Crane Design Details:
Bridge: The beam construction adopts Q345B steel plate that takes a pretreatment of shot blasting. The main beam and end beam are connected by high tensile bolts.
Hoisting mechanism: The modular design provides convenient installation and maintenance.
Running mechanism: Three-in-one motor is employed and the protection grade is IP55.
Electric control box: The surface takes anti-corrosion treatment, reasonable layout makes it easy to maintain, the control box is sealed well.
Cabin: It offers flexible operation, wide vision and easy maintenance.
Standard Options of HD Single Girder Overhead Crane:
Lifting motor: ABM three-in-one motor.
Traveling motor: ABB or SEW motor. The SEW geared motor is available in B, F and H class insulation, protection grade IP54, IP55 and IP65.
Electric system: Schneider electric and inverter.
Wire rope hoist: Dongqi ND type European hoist.
Wireless remote control: Protection grade can be IP65.
Protection devices: overload limiter, lifting limit, mechanical anti-collision device, overheating protection and brake safety protection.
HD Single Girder Electric Overhead Crane for Australia Agricultural Industry
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