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  3. Saturday, 25 March 2017
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I have:

4 string Super PJ with Mando frets, 19mm spacing, and Medium thin C shape neck
5 string Afterburner 2 with (I assume) Banjo frets, 18mm spacing, and Medium thin C shape neck

and am trying out:
5 string Sklar with Mando frets, 18mm spacing, and Thin flattened C shape neck

I can generally play it well enough, but I'm having a more difficult time muting for some reason. Since I've played mando frets on the Super J and switched fine between 18 and 19 mm spacing with no issues, I'm guessing it is the neck change that is throwing me?

I assume I just need to play it more, but just curious if anyone has seen a similar issue?
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I'm not sure of the similarities and differences between the AB2 and the Lee Sklar. I have a custom Cliff Bordwell 5 string fanned fret with the 37-34" scale ranges., Dingwall pickups and the Dingwall tone control. It is such a resonant bass, has so much sustain and such lively harmonics that muting can be an issue if your hand is at the 5th or 7th fret. While a light L hand would mute most basses, this one rings out harmonics so I end up having to do more muting with the right hand. Also, it's so resonant that if I play for instance, A at the 7th fret of the D string, an open A string will start to ring as well.

BUT the tone I can get out of this beast is WORTH IT!
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