Tuesday, 06 June 2017
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Sheldon Dingwall here, some of you have noticed that I’ve disappeared from Facebook and are concerned that either something has happened to myself personally or that I’ve blocked you. Neither of these are the case. Myself, Carey Nordstrand and about a dozen others in the bass industry have had our accounts disabled. The problem stemmed from an overenthusiastic bassist in Italy who had signed us all on as admins for a bass group. This person posted a video (possibly a playthrough video but I’m not sure) that triggered a complaint. Facebook’s response was to hold all the admins responsible and disable their personal accounts without notice. I posted once in this particular group but found it to be too noisy and haven’t been back on it since. I just hadn’t had time to remove myself from it. People would sign me up for groups all the time. I would eventually remove myself from groups I had no intention of being active in. The difference this time was that I’d been signed on as an admin (without my consent). I couldn’t have predicted the ramifications. One warning would have been enough for me to remove myself. There has been no response from Facebook regarding my appeal. Maybe it will resolve itself, maybe the group of us will have to band together and seek legal help. If anyone has been through this and has some advice, please send me an email sheldon@dingwallguitars.com
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