Friday, 02 April 2010
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[color=red:2jyi4vlu][size=200:2jyi4vlu][b:2jyi4vlu]SOLD![/b:2jyi4vlu][/size:2jyi4vlu][/color:2jyi4vlu] This unit is in great condition. I've been using the compressor on channel 1 for lead vocals and the compressor and noise gate on channel 2 for kick drum. It's been a great unit for us, but I'm trying to fund the purchase of a digital mixer, so it needs to find a new home. It's yours for [b:2jyi4vlu]$85 shipped conus[/b:2jyi4vlu]. I will ship outside conus, but you'll have to contact me for a shipping quote. You can read a lot more about it on [url=]dbx's website[/url:2jyi4vlu]. Sorry about the lousy cell phone pics. Better pics available upon request... [img:2jyi4vlu][/img:2jyi4vlu] [img:2jyi4vlu][/img:2jyi4vlu] [img:2jyi4vlu][/img:2jyi4vlu] [img:2jyi4vlu][/img:2jyi4vlu]
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