Wednesday, 18 May 2022
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Crane machine systems for every need
The Dongqi Crane workstation crane systems are designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements of workstations and production lines that need up to 2,000 kg of lifting capacity. They can be ceiling-mounted or freestanding, single or double girder bridges, or even monorails. We offer long spans for our workstation cranes. The enclosed track extends far, allowing us to offer the full coverage necessary for production and assembly lines.

Fast installation
For operations that require workers to make precise, repetitive movements, our workstation crane systems offer an ergonomic and cost-effective option, without the architectural investments often involved when installing an overhead crane.
Our workstation cranes with standard profile sizes and bolt-on connections can be installed quickly. In some cases, it has taken less than one day. With this kind of speed, and adapting the installation to your existing production schedules, we aim to minimize equipment and production downtime.

Increase productivity while cost saving
If your business depends on workers making repetitive movements or lifting heavy loads, then a workstation crane system can be a fast and easy way to improve productivity.
Both aluminium and steel workstation crane systems are available for hazardous environments.
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