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Crane maintenance category and responsibility
Crane machine maintenance is very important to the safety of overhead crane and gantry crane. Crane maintenance, ensure the safety, improve efficiency.  

Daily maintenance, per day at work or after work, shall be the responsibility of the operator
Level of technology and maintenance, for once a month, conducted by maintenance personnel
Secondary technical maintenance, for once one year, conducted by the maintenance personnel for maintenance

Crane maintenace

Crane maintenance projects

Crane daily maintenance for overhead crane or gantry crane
No-load test whether institutions can operate normally, with or without abnormal noise
Check the limit switch of crane and trolley is complete, reliable, buffer device is in good condition, special attention to the up limit is reliable
Whether the brake braking and reliable; Brake shoe and brake wheel in contact with good, smooth; Disengage the brake shoe brake shoe uniform clearance; Brake wheel without crack without damage, without friction pads fixed rivet cause scratches.
Checking whether the wire rope winding on the drum and the pulley is normal, with or without bath, channeling, knot, the phenomenon such as distortion, wire rope clamp bolt fastening, whether is there a double nut locking device
Checking the wear condition of wire rope, whether to have the phenomenon such as broken wire, check the lubrication condition of wire rope
Checking whether there is hampering the running orbit of foreign bodies
Hook fixation is reliable, flexible rotating parts, without crack, without stripping, hook nut locking device is complete, hook dangerous section wear is not more than 5% of the original height
Pulley got to prevent the steel wire rope groove device, cover intact without damage, the pulley without crack, rim without defect
Checking the metal structure and the transmission part fittings of fastening
Checking whether there is the hang card touch rao for collector bracket and soft line
Crane should have protective cover if may hurt people in the exposed parts
Anchorage and crane rail clamping device are in good condition
There is no suspension solids on the crane
There is no dust, no cigarette, no damage glass in the cab
Cleaning dust on the crane per class, every week for crane to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, clean up dirt on it again
crane maintenace

Technical maintenance for overhead crane or gantry crane
Checking brake segment liner wear amount should not exceed 50%, surface contact between the pad and the brake wheel should not be less than 70%; Check the pin shaft fixed installation condition and wear and lubrication conditions
Checking whether all the bolt looseness and shortages
Checking the bolts of the motor, reducer, the base etc., and tighten them one by one
Checking reducer lubrication condition, the oil level should be within the prescribed scope, measures should be taken to prevent the leakage of oil leakage parts
The gear lubrication
Checking the balance abrasion of wire rope pulley, the pulley and the sliding shaft lubrication
Checking the condition of the pulleys to see if flexible, without damage, cracks, pay special attention to the abrasion of fixed pulley shaft
Checking the brake wheel, its work of concave and convex surface roughness should not be more than 1.5 mm, there should be no crack of the brake wheel, its radial beat circle should be less than 0.3 mm
Checking the running status of the crane and trolley, should not gnaw rail, three protection, starting and stopping the twist off wait for a phenomenon. Check on the surface of the wheel flange and tread wear and abrasion of rim thickness should not exceed 50% of the original thickness, wheel tread wear should not exceed 3% of the wheels of the original diameter
Check the cable bracket, small block is damaged card resistance, etc.
Keeping power box contactor, insurance, switch on the control panel etc., clean, preventing the leakage breakdown and short circuit phenomenon
Do the different parts of lubrication of crane
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