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Data from China Customs shows that El Salvador imported US$278,000 of various crane equipment from China in 2021, including US$89,000 of electric hoists, US$81,000 of manual hoists, and US$28,000 of overhead cranes. East Crane has great confidence in exporting cranes to El Salvador. Dongqi Crane is an excellent crane supplier in China. It owns a variety of crane products. The crane equipment it can provide to El Salvador includes: gantry crane, bridge crane, jib crane, electric hoist, electric hoist and various crane accessories .

Dongqi Crane has rich experience in overseas crane service and has had some crane cooperation projects in El Salvador. This article will focus on crane products that may be popular in El Salvador. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can click here to contact us, or you can tell us by Email:

Top-selling crane types in the El Salvador
BCD Explosion-proof Electric Hoist-2 BCD Explosion-proof Electric HoistExplosion proof electric hoist is a specially designed material handling equipment with the features of explosion proof. Explosion proof electric hoist is designed and manufactured according to GB3836-2000 provisions and international regulations, with the explosion proof mark of D II BT4, and D II CT4, which can be supplied to applications that has the level of II A, II B, II C grade, the temperature sub-groups T1-T4 group of combustible gas, steam and air from the explosion gas mixtures in a zone, zone 2 areas. The lifting capacity of explosion proof electric hoist is 0.5 to 16 tons and working class of explosion proof hoist is M3. The main parameters of the hoist is as follow:
Cd1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist CD1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope HoistElectric wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment, installed on a single beam crane, linear curve strander beams or it can be used at the hoisting mechanism of double beam crane, gantry crane, linear crane for material handling by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, and warehouses, etc. The lifting capacity of single speed electric wire rope hoist is 0,5 to 32 ton and the working class is M3 and M4. The main parameters of electric wire rope hoist is as follow:
European Type Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist European-type Electric Wire Rope HoistEuropean electric hoist for 1- 80 tons material handling. FEM electric hoist for sale high quality good price, saving your budget for long run! You want it when you know it!
Manual Chain Hoist Manual Chain Hoist / Chain BlockManual chain hoist also called chain block, is a kind of hand lifting machinery, with the lifting capacity ranging from 0.5 ton to 100 ton. The chain block is used in factory, mine, building site, dock, shipyard, warehouse, etc.
Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope HoistLow Headroom electric hoist is transformed from CD / MD electric hoist. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, lifting single, double speed, high effective lifting stroke and stable operation. It has wide application range, especially in new factory buildings. The height of the trip can reduce the height of the building and reduce the construction cost.
YH Metallurgical Electric Hoist-2 Metallurgical Electric Hoist
Metallurgical electric hoist introduction is a type of material handling equipment, especially designed for the application in metallurgy environment for handling molten metal, etc. Metallurgical electric hoist is equipped with dual brake, double spacing, insulation boards, and other protections, with the working class of M3. The lifting capacity of metallurgical electric hoist is 1 to 20 tons and the main parameters are presented as follow:

QB Double-girder Explosion-proof Crane QB type explosion-proof overhead crane
This QB explosion proof bridge crane work together with a BCD explosion proof electric hoist. The structure equipped with sealed cover,it has strong explosion proof ability.The lift capacity is 5ton-32ton.Span length is 5-40m. Work duty A3-A4,working environment temperature is -25~ 40℃.
Explosion proof grade is : Exd II BT4, Exd II CT4.It can work in combustible, flammable, explosive, heavy dust factory, warehouse, yard and other places corrosive environment.

Economic and Trade Relations between El Salvador and China
According to China Customs statistics, in 2021, the trade volume between China and El Salvador will reach US$1.73 billion, a year-on-year increase of 55.9%, of which China’s export is US$1.51 billion, a year-on-year increase of 61.1%, and China’s import is US$220 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.4%. China mainly imports electrical equipment, sugar and clothing and other products, and mainly exports electrical equipment, mechanical appliances and plastic products.

According to the “Statistical Bulletin of China’s Foreign Direct Investment”, as of the end of 2020, China has no direct investment in El Salvador. By the end of 2021, El Salvador’s actual investment in China was US$1.41 million.

According to Chinese statistics, as of the end of 2021, Chinese enterprises have signed contracts of 96.38 million US dollars in contracted projects in El Salvador, and completed a turnover of 22.46 million US dollars. In 2021, Chinese companies will sign new contracts in El Salvador with a value of US$42.76 million and a completed turnover of US$17.5 million.

Dongqi’s crane service in the El Salvador
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you need to customize a crane, we need to obtain your requirements for cranes. Taking overhead cranes as an example, we need you to provide the following product parameters, you can leave a message on the website or Email:, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you:

Crane for sale El Salvador
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