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Electric winches are a less common lifting equipment. According to different uses, electric winches can be divided into traction winches and hoisting winches. The traction winch is used for hauling the goods in the horizontal direction, and the hoisting winch is used for the lifting of the goods in the vertical direction. As a global crane supplier, we provide various types of crane equipment, so if you have a need for electric winches, we can provide you with customized electric winches. Today we share a case of electric traction winch from the Philippines. Hope it can help you

The main parameters of electric winches in the Philippines
Type: JM low speed pulling winch
Lifting capacity (ton) : 10
Rated pull of Rope (KN): 100
Capacity of drum (m): 100
Hoisting speed (m/min): 9.5
Wire rope (dia): 30
Power supply: 415V/50HZ/3 Phase
Application: Horizontal pulling of construction materials
10 Ton JM Slow Speed Electric Pulling Winch

Factors affecting the design of electric winches
Working speed: Generally speaking, the slow speed electric winch 10 ton is ideal for various building installation projects since it requires a short-distance lifting and accurate positioning. Whereas high speed winch is more suitable for long-distance lifting or pulling objects for that it can improve productivity and reduce power consumption.
Power source: Electric winch is a popular and economical options for many construction and mining sites due to its safe and reliable performance, low operational cost and easy operation. However, for some situations where the power supply is not practical, a hydraulic winch is a better option.
Rope drum: The single drum winch is applicable to general construction sites since it has simple structure, low cost and convenient operation. In the event of pulling a trolley back and forth on double track, the double drum winch should be used to simplify the installation work, improve productivity and reduce labor forces.
Transmission system: Our electric winch can be driven by gear reducer or planetary reducer. Gear reducer drive winch is a common type employed in many engineering projects. Electric pulling winch is with unique features of small size, compact structure, light weight, flexible and simple operation.
Explosion factor: Considering explosive environments such as mining sites, the explosion-proof winch is provided to ensure a safe operation.
Design drawing of electric winch parts

The use of electric winches in the Philippines
JM low speed 10 ton winch for sale mainly used in construction sites and bridge building project, which for high accuracy and short distance transport.
Except lifting and pulling loads in land, JM type winch can be used on ship and coast to take anchoring and mooring responsibility.
Moreover, JM electric winch can also as assort equipment to match with automatic production line of modern electronic control.
Electric winch design drawing

How to customize electric winches
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a electric winches, you can leave a message on the website or email, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you:

Lifting capacity?
Rope capacity(rope length)?
Power supply? (Standard power supply is 220V/380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz)
Application? (What materials to be lifted)
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