Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Electric chain hoist, this lifting equipment, has long become an indispensable part of people's daily production and loading and unloading of goods. Its advantages are also fully demonstrated during the lifting process. In order to be more clear about its advantages, we will introduce it to you from the appearance and performance:

The electric chain hoist motor is a half-packed structure, and the outer casing is an aluminum alloy shell, which is light and strong, and has good heat dissipation. The surface of the load-bearing wheel is smooth and the friction between the chains is minimal. The motor power is much larger than the hoist, so the hoisting speed is also much faster. The electric chain hoist is equipped with a chain storage bag. When in use, the lifting chain can be automatically stored in the chain bag. It can be filled with lubricating oil. While lubricating the chain, it can also prevent the chain from jamming or taking up oil when it falls freely.

Electric chain hoist hooks, chains and gears are forged from alloy steel and have been heat treated to provide better wear resistance and toughness, longer life, and higher safety factor. 4 times the breaking force, even if it is overloaded, it will not break, but will only gradually deform. The hook can be rotated 360 degrees, there is a hook fuse, which has better safety performance, and a variable speed gear box. The standard chain length is 3m, and the length can also be increased according to customer needs.

Safety aspect
The electric chain hoist has a reverse protection device. When the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot be operated, which plays a protective role.

Electromagnetic brake. When the power is cut off, the brake will take effect immediately and the chain slippage will be zero. The available voltage range is 220-660 volts and can be customized. The control handle is an aviation plug with a safe operating voltage of 36 volts, which is safe and convenient.

The upper and lower limit protectors are equipped with limit switch devices for lifting and lowering to make the motor stop automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety; overload protection device (not included in the factory, but can be added at your own expense). The factory test drive detects 1.5 times the safety load, stays in the air for 8 to 10 minutes, and can leave the factory after the upper and lower three safety inspections are correct. Electric chain hoists are more durable than electric wire rope hoists.

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