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Overhead bridge crane for sale Sudan. Single girder overhead bridge crane 5 ton, pendent control,rope hoist. Check 5 ton bridge crane specifications.

Project info of 5 ton overhead bridge crane for sale Sudan
Brand :Yuantai Crane
Types of Cranes:Overhead bridge crane
Date of Placing Order: 2017-06-27
Date of delivery : 2017.7.20
Transportation :By sea , 40GP containers
Payment: 100%TT
Destination port:CIF Sudan
Destination country:Sudan
5 ton overhead bridge crane for sale Sudan
5 ton overhead bridge crane for sale Sudan
Main Specifications of 5 ton single girder bridge crane for sale Sudan

1 set

Product Name

overhead bridge crane

Crane Model

Lifting capacity

5 ton

Crane span

14.2 m

Lifting height

6 m

Working class


Power supply


Crane control

Ground control



Customized features of 5 ton top running overhead bridge crane
Runway bearing beam model: HN396*199*7*11, 6m/ pieces, together 6 pieces, 5.6m/piece, together 2 pieces, 3.4m pieces , together 2 m pieces, all together 72 meters.
Rail model: P24 , 36M each side. A total of 72M is required, 10 pairs of clamp plates; 242 pieces of pressure plates.
Seamless sliding line: 6 mm2, 36M
Collector: 2
The main beam needs to be cut into 2 sections and to be loaded into a 40-foot cabinet
Customs declaration & registration information
The actual Chinese and English name of the goods: 电动单梁桥机,electric single girder overhead crane
Chinese and English name of cargo declaration:电动单梁桥机,electric single girder overhead crane
Inland transportation cost from factory to port: RMB4000
Port charge:5500RMB
Sea freight: USD 3000
5 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale Sudan Good Crane PRICE
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