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Dongqi mobile jib crane is the most flexible and mobile lifting jib for modern manufacturing with its advantage of high flexibility, mobile floor jib crane is the indispensable hoist equipment of automatic production line.

And this 1 ton movable jib crane and jib crane parts for sale is able to save space of ceiling, especially suits for low headroom factory. Dongqi jib crane manufacturer can meet your request about customized jib cranes.

2 ton mobile jib crane for sale to Panama

1 Ton Mobile Jib Crane for Sale Details:
Lift capacity: 0.25~1 Ton
Span: 2~5m
Lift height: 4m
Slew angle: 360°
Level travel speed: 20m/min
Control method: Wireless remote control, Pendent buttons
Power supply: Customized (or 380V/50Hz/3P)
Speed: Single speed/Double speed
Main parts: lifting jib, connection parts, electric hoist, power supply system
Safety features:
Limit switch.
Overload device for lifting.
Buffers for hoist traverse and crane traveling.
Power failure protection.

Features of Mobile Jib Cranes:
Compared to pillar jib crane and wall jib crane, Dongqi mobile jib cranes do not need cement foundation. So you can place the jib crane anywhere in the plant based on your need.
Mobile floor jib crane is the individual lifting device for high efficiency automatic manufacture line, which can ensure the clear of water line.
You can choose electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist.
With jib arm turning 360° rotation and hoist moving along I beam, mobile jibs may work anywhere.
You can choose your own non-standard mobile jib crane if necessary.
Fit for weight no more than 10 ton.
Advantages of 1 Ton Mobile Jib Cranes for Sale:
Flexible and mobile. 1 ton movable jib cranes may move to any place in your plant.
Wide adaptation. Without cement base, you can place jib cranes anywhere in manufacture and assembly line of factories and workshop or machine tool, warehouse and wharf etc.
High efficiency. Dongqi 1 ton mobile jib cranes extend and enlarge the task range, especially for short distance and frequent task.
Safe and cheap. Scientific design makes your crane safe, Dongqi jib manufacturer gives you good price.
Easy to maintain.
1 Ton Mobile Floor Jib Crane Application:
1 ton mobile floor portable jib crane is usually used in assembly workshop, machining workshop, assembly mold, research laboratory, maintenance workshop, small freight station, warehouse, repair shops, etc. Especially suitable for the environment which is limited by the working area clearance.

1 Ton Mobile Jib Crane for Sale to Panama
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