Why Dingwall?

Dingwall Fan Fret Basses

Fan frets make the difference.

Dingwall basses have been synonymous with great tone, definition and the “Best B in the business!” When bass players purchase or
switch to our basses they hear nothing but praise from the sound engineers both live and in the studio.
The reason being that they naturally sit in the mix.


Because of the fan fret system.  It’s all about the great fundamental tone it produces.

- Equalized tension from string to string.
- Strong fundament tones without bad harmonics or overtones.
- No more floppy B string.

If you look in a grand piano you’ll see that the low strings are longer and the high strings are shorter.
This produces the right tension and proper length for each of the notes to ring true.


Now look at the Dingwall fan fret bass. Notice how the lowest, thickest strings are longer and the higher thinner strings are shorter just
like the picture of the grand piano. This string length produces the clarity and definition Dingwall is known for.


The best way to understand what we’re talking about is to get your hands on one of them!

Check out our dealer page to find one near you.