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What's your impression to Chinese products?
What's your impression towards products with the label of “Made in China"? For lots of customers overseas, they always considered Chinese hoist and crane with bias which is undetectable to themselves. Commonly, the bias goes this way:
Chinese hoist and crane are cost-effective and sometimes they are even very cheap. Overhead cranes made in China are poor in quality. Their logic is because they are cheap, they are bad. Come on, is it true?

Is the eggs in Angeless more delicious than that in Little Rock?
Now let's take a very simple example. Take the price of the dozen eggs. According to customer report on the average price of the daily community, the dozen of regular eggs have different prices around the world.

Bias to Chinese hoist and crane

Dozen Eggs Sample of U.S. Prices: Portland, Ore.: $2.29, Little Rock, Ark.: $1.00, Los Angeles, Calif.: $5.99

According to the price, we cannot say the eggs in Los Angeless, Calif is better than that in Little Rock, Ark. Lower price doesn't mean the quality is poor! The price differences is resulted from various reasons. We can don't make a judgement by national stereotype. Once upon a time, there is a saying "The Moon is much brighter in America than it is in China." Is that true? Make your judgement objectively.

Do the Chinese crane manufacturers get CE and TST certification by bribery?
In order to meet the requirements and build trust, the "Made-in-China" Hoist and Crane go and get the certificates such CE and TST, etc. With these certifications, the "Made-in-China" Hoist and Crane are still questioned by its quality. Why? Isn't it bias? Maybe the Chinese Hoist and Crane manufacturers own an apologies to these certification organizations, for they may be suspected to bribery to give Chinese Hoist and Crane certificates.Bias to Chinese hoist and crane

Bias to Chinese hoist and crane
Bias is expensive!
Bias is expensive! Why? Because you may lose a chance to know a good guy who may be your one-of-only of life time, a good company which can bringing millions of investment, , a good product that can solve your material handling problems with least cost.

Why are “Made-in-China" hoist and crane cost-effective?
Bias is expensive. Please view us with a new perspective. The popularity of "Made in China” shows we are good at manufacturing and serving you with good products. If not, why are so many people around world are using the products made in China?

Cost-effective is one of the well-known features of Chinese products. So do Chinese Hoist and Crane. Do you know why Chinese cranes are so cost-effective? Now let’s uncover the secrets of why Chinese crane machines are so cost-effective:

Domestic demand promotes technology development on Chinese hoist and crane in China. As a developing country, the infrastructure construction of China is prosperous and therefore the markets of infrastructure facilities such as all types of cranes are promising.

Beneficial policy support makes Chinese hoist and crane more competitive. In order to meet the domestic needs and develop its economy, Chinese government has being issued favorable polices to encourage crane manufacturing and exporting, such as government mandates, capital subsidy, grant, or rebate, tax incentives, production payment, public financing, public competitive bidding, etc.,

Fierce competition makes the price of Chinese hoist and crane more inviting. Because of huge market demand and favorable government support, the hoist and crane market is on the rising. And more and more people invest their money into the manufacturing of hoist and crane, such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, because of huge market potential and the lowest production cost due to the huge population and abundant of raw materials and government incentive policies.

Now, Chinese hoist and crane manufacturer are competing with each other to provide more competitive material handling solutions and services. The fierce competition among those crane manufacturers benefits the customers who want to buy the high quality hoist and crane at competitive price. That’s may explain why the hoist and crane for sale from china are so competitive and are favored by more and more people around world.

Direct sale makes Chinese hoist and crane more cost-effective. Direct sale of hoist and crane from Chinese manufacturers makes the price more inviting. To buy hoist and crane from the manufacturers can cut off the mark-ups added by the resellers and largely lower the purchasing cost. It is good for the end customers. That’s one of the reasons why the hoist and crane from Chinese crane manufactures are more cost-effective.

Why are “Made-in-China" hoist and crane so cost-effective
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