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Hi, I bought my Combustion 5 about 2 yrs ago, everything is awesome. But unfortunately today I found the 5th String's bridge has lost its saddle screw and spring. Does anyone know what size saddle screws and spring does the Combustion 5(2 pickup)'...
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I do not own a Dingwall bass, but I have been thinking about purchasing a Dingwall NG2 or NG3. I was wondering if the pickups on those models are single coils or humbuckers. Thank you!...
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Hi... Although I'm primarily a lead guitarist, I still play bass for half of my band's recordings and I use my NG2 for all of the said bass recordings. The big problem with the NG2 is that it still doesn't sound particularly as throaty and sn...
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Hi all. New NG2 owner here and absolutely loving my first proper bass. I just wanted to check whether I can leave my NG2 plugged into my AxeFx all the time without having the batteries drain if I ensure I set the Darkglass from active to pas...
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