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Hi everyone, I’m having issues with my Dingwall Combustion’s bridge: anytime I play, the B & E strings get lower against the neck as the screws that are supposed to set and maintain the action, unscrew themselves... In addition to that, I hea...
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Hi, I bought my Combustion 5 about 2 yrs ago, everything is awesome. But unfortunately today I found the 5th String's bridge has lost its saddle screw and spring. Does anyone know what size saddle screws and spring does the Combustion 5(2 pickup)'...
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I used my dingwall for years with no issue however it finally moved and needs a setup bad. Is there ay instructions and or specifications on how to set up? I want to do it myself and purchase any necessary tools to do so. I have other basses to rec...
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In the attached photo you will notice some corrosion on the bridge of my ABZ. First off, has anyone else reported anything like this before? I'm not 100% sure of the bridge material, but I thought it was anodized aluminum with steel saddles? Secon...
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Hi Guys, I bought an NG3 recently and would like to change out all the chrome hardware to blacked out ones. I've a bad case of sweaty palms coupled with a tropical climate and that just isn't going to rhyme with chrome. So i've begun sourcing ...
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Hi Sheldon, i got myself a new Combustion 5-string (2017 model - serial no. 02606) and i love it But one thing annoys me infinitely... i noticed a strange buzzing / rattling sound when playing without amplification. At first i thought this would...
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