Sunday, 22 July 2007
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Morning... Okay, my gas is almost unbearable now. Still trying to move a couple 'primitive' basses to free up some cash for another DW, but in the meantime I'm wondering... My Super J is perfect! Is a AB going to feel quite different to me because of the longer scale? And being a four string player, should I be looking at an AB five string to make my 'stable' a little more rounded or will a four string AB give me another bass with unique qualities? Or should I be waiting to grab a Super J fiver when they are available? I've never really had any desire for a fiver before but I'd sure be willing to give a AB or Super J fiver a try... Sorry for all the questions... Thoughts? Regards, Al.
14 years ago
i hear ya.... i've actually been very careful using anything below the low e. it's just nice playing patterns higher up the neck and having the b string there. :D
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