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  3. Thursday, 15 March 2012
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Have you guys tried out push/ push pots in any of your experiments? Reviews are kind of neutral in regards to what's available currently, as it seems like none of the quality component companies (CTS, Alpha, Bourne) are building these yet.

I'm just thinking that a quality push/ push pot could give the ABZ dual volume controls and series/parallel switching without needing to drill anther hole or get a mismatched concentric knob setup going.

I don't [i:3omwvsh6]need[/i:3omwvsh6] two volume pots, but I'd be curious to hear the ABZ with two.
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Sheldon Dingwall Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I'm a big fan of push/push pots. Allparts carries Panasonic brand but they are pretty tiny. You wuld need at least a 3 pole switch to do what you describe. That's toggle or rotary switch territory.
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