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Data from China Customs shows that in 2021, Nigeria imported a total of $35.95 million of crane products from China, of which the import value of overhead cranes was $1.398 million. Among Nigeria’s import structures, gantry cranes have the highest import value at US$19.57 million. This article will mainly introduce the types of overhead crane products that Dongqi Lifting can provide to Nigeria. As an excellent crane supplier in China, Dongqi Crane has more than ten years of crane service experience in Nigeria. If you have any needs for our overhead crane products, you can click here to contact us, or tell us by Email:

Types of Overhead cranes imported from Dongqi in the Nigeria
Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Grab crane is a heavy duty double girder overhead crane equipped with grab bucket, which can be used frequently. The lifting capacity of grab crane included the dead weight of the grab bucket is 5 ton to 25 tons. The working class of the grab crane is A6. The specifications of the grab crane is given in the following table for your reference and customized design can be provided by Dongqi crane.

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LD Single Girder Overhead Crane
LD Electric Single Girder Overhead Crane

Dongqi supply the single girder crane with lifting capacity: 1~20t, span:7.5~28.5m, lifting height 1~30m, low work class A3,A4. We also design and manufacture the nonstandard crane according users’ demanding.

This crane is used in ambient temperature of -25℃~+40℃,humidity≤85%,elevation under 1000m,power supply is 3-ph, 380V,50HZ(can change as user demand).

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QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

QC Electromagnetic overhead crane is a kind of material handling equipment, equipped with detachable electromagnetic chuck and corresponding operating system to handle and lift metal objects. The lifting capacity of the electromagnetic overhead crane included the weight of electromagnetic is 5 to 32 ton. The working class of electromagnetic crane is A5 and A6. The magnetic retentive time is 10 to 30 minutes.

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LH Double Girder overhead Crane
LH Double Girder Electric Hoist Crane

Electric Hoist Double girder Overhead crane is an overhead crane with the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism, with the lifting capacity 5 ton to 63 ton, used for general material handling and lifting. The working class of the electric hoist overhead is A3 to A5.

Lifting Capacity:5~63t
Lifting Height:Span:8m~32m
Working Duty:A3~A5
Ambient Temperature:-20~40℃
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QD Double Girder Overhead Crane
QD model double girder overhead crane

QD double girder overhead crane is composed of bridge, travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment. Main girder adopts box welded structure, crane travelling mechanism adopts separate drive, and lifting mechanism is equipped winch. All mechanism are controlled in driver’s cab.

QD model double girder overhead crane is applied in open warehouse or rail sideways to conduct common loading unloading and material handling works. It is a heavy duty type overhead crane that satisfy frequently using.

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QY Insulation Overhead Crane
QY Insulation Overhead Crane

Insulation overhead crane is widely used in smelting workshops of electrolytic nonferrous metal, aluminum and magnesium. This insulation overhead crane is constituted by box-type main girder, crane traveling mechanism, trolley and electrical parts.

To prevent the current passing through the lifting mechanism to the crane and threatening the operator’s life, parts of the insulation overhead crane are protected by insulation treatment. Insulation overhead crane work level is heavy duty, so the main lifting is equipped with dual braking in order to ensure safe production.

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European Double Girder Overhead Crane
European Style Double Girder Overhead Crane

European double girder overhead crane is the latest version of overhead crane, designed with FEM standards, developed on the base of traditional crane, therefore, European double girder overhead crane has unbeatable advantages, such as, unparalleled performance, tight structure, light dead weight, high safety and reliability, high perform efficiency, and widely applications for various industries.

Due to the design advantages, European double girder overhead crane could help you to lower initial investment for factory construction, increase productivity, and lower efforts for daily maintenance, and reduce energy consumption, and obtain higher return on investment.

Types of Overhead Cranes sold to Nigeria
40 ton Double Girder Beam Overhead Crane for sale to Nigeria
40 ton overhead crane come in different sizes, shapes and configurations for all kinds of lifting needs, and selecting the right one is essential to improving your work efficiency and safety, as well as simplifying your production processes. We focus on the design and manufacturing of overhead cranes for many years, and help customers design the best crane system to meet their expectations for efficiency, safety, reliability and durability in material handling.

Since overhead travelling cranes come in all different specifications and configurations, there is no easy way to determine the type of crane that fits your business’s lifting needs. You need to consider the following things in the selection of an overhead crane:

Required capacity
Span of the crane
Lifting height
Weight and type of load or material
Environment that the crane will be operating in
Duty cycle
And more
Steel Structure Workshop Materials Lifting Equipment Crane with 25-30ton Lift Capacity for sale to Nigeria
Due to the development of industrialization, the installation and movement of large-scale equipment can only be completed with the assistance of a lifting system. Therefore, the construction and design of some production workshops need to consider the lifting system. Compared with the reinforced concrete workshop, the stability, convenience and safety of the lifting system in steel structure workshop are more prominent.

The main material of the steel structure workshop is steel, so in terms of physical properties, the bearing capacity of steel is relatively large. Especially the lifting height, the steel structure workshop generally has a relatively high floor height, which provides convenient conditions for the installation of the lifting system. At a suitable height, Yuanfu designers set up the crane beam nodes on the steel column to satisfy the installation of lifting equipment in the steel structure workshop.

Qdy Model Metallurgy Type Double Girder Overhead Crane with Cabin Control for sale to Nigeria
This QDY double girder Metallurgy Bridge Crane is mainly used in the place where the molten metal is lifted. The working duty of the complete machine is A7, and thermal protective device is added on the bottom of the main girder.

The assembling and test of the crane conform to the document No.ZJBT[2007]375 which was issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

It can be also used in the place where molten nonmetal material and red-hot solid metal lifting work.

Environmental conditions:

Power supply: 380V/50HZ/3PHASE or on request.
The temperature of working environment is -10~+60°C;
The relative humidity is less than 50%;
10 ton Suspension Overhead Crane for Customer Design for sale to Nigeria
Looking for a reliable 10 ton overhead crane for your workshops, warehouses or other facilities to lift and move heavy loads? You can count on Dongqi overhead crane equipment.

The company produces overhead and gantry cranes for many years and can provide you with all of your lifting needs, from single girder light-duty cranes to double girder heavy-duty cranes.

In addition, we are dedicated to making your crane buying experience simple and excellent with our professional technical team, sales team and service team.

You can talk to one of our professionals to design a 15 ton crane system specifically for your application.

25 Ton Overhead Crane with Wire Rope Electric Hoist for sale to Nigeria
LD model single girder overhead crane is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole crane. Single girder overhead crane is more typical when lifting capacity less than 20T.

Used together with CD1 model MD1 model electric hoist as a complete set, it is a light duty crane with a capacity 0.5 ton ~ 32ton. The span is 7.5m~ 22.5m. Working duty is A3~A5, working temperature is -25-40ºC.

This product is widely used in steel mills, warehouse,hydropower station,production workshop, production line, materials stocks,equipment assembly etc to lift goods.

We have comprehensive standard equipment and professional design engineers to offer best solutions for individual requirements.

This product has two operational methods, ground(pendent controller /remote controller) or operational cabin room .

How to customize Overhead Crane from China
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a Overhead Crane, you can leave a message on the website or Email:, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Overhead cranes are sold to Nigeria
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