Sunday, 02 September 2007
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I bought this around 18 months ago (not really sure, between 1 and 2 years ago anyway) from a guy in the US who had bought a LOT of high end basses to try from the comfort of his home and was blowing out the ones he decided not to keep. So, he said this was played for 3 hours and I have no reason to doubt that, as it came in almost as new condition. The only "flaw" it had was some subtle "lines" on the fingerboard, where the strings make contact, which of course is unavoidable in any fretless bass (I don't know if epoxied fingerboards are any different). We're talking really subtle here - I am only mentioning it because it is the only thing on this instrument that shows it has been played a little. I bought this hoping I would get used to it, but it turns out I'm more of a fretted guy, so this hasn't seen any more than 10 hours or playing in total from me during this period. Never gigged, never rehearsed with, only stayed in a smoke-free home and taken care of. It actually still has the original strings on and is currently tuned E-A-D-G-C. I had thought of selling it before, but since it is such a unique instrument (with a really beautiful sound, especially when bowed) I always thought "give it one more chance, you never know". But I'm getting married soon, so I need all the money I can find, and I decided to sacrifice it. The lowest price I have found is from thomann, 2400 euro, and it usually sells for 3000-3100 euro at national NS Design dealers (at least that's the price at the spanish and greek dealers). My price is 1800 euro, 25% off the thomann price, which, if you consider the condition this is in and how hard it is to find a used one, is not bad at all. It also comes with a bow, whereas a newer one shouldn't - it was advertised by NS design that, whoever bought one during the first year of sales, would get a free bow. We are well beyond that first year, so I don't think you can find one with a bow now - this means extra money if you want to take full advantage of this instrument. Paypal is ok, although I prefer a bank transfer or maybe even cash on collection, we'll see. A friend is visiting London soon, maybe he could bring it along, I'd like to take advantage of that for UK buyers (would save us both the shipping costs and risk) so hurry up if interested! Also, any greek buyers are obviously welcome. Buyers from other european countries are welcome to drop me a pm, but I'd rather not ship this, but will if I have to (in case I have no UK/Greece takers). More info about the bass cello: ... scello.htm
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