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  3. Friday, 20 September 2019
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I'm an Ibanez bass player that is interested in a Dingwall bass with a similar neck to the Ibanez SR series (perhaps with a lower fretboard radius). My other prerequisites are:

  1. EMG pickups
  2. Sweepable Mid
    Maple neck
    Very low action
    High C 5 string instead of low B

Can you advise me, please?

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WintermintP Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Unfortunately I don't think Dingwall uses any other pickups except for their proprietary ones. Their proprietary pickups are the ones that really make that iconic sound though...

As for a high C 5-string, there's a chart that Dingwall has that lets you get the right string gauges to make sure you have an EADGC rather than a BEADG if you want...
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