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  3. Thursday, 23 April 2009
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I finally got the Art Inclined dvd, Sheldon. I enjoyed it very much. It was great hearing you talk about your product. About halfway through there's a shot of bodies hanging on a rack. At the end of the rack is what looks like a black body with white binding. The shape reminds me of a 70's Electra, but most of the body is blocked, so it's hard to tell. Something about it speaks to me. (Uh oh :o ) Is it a Dingwall?

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Sheldon Dingwall Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
My memory is foggy on that other than we did some finish work for Olsen Audio a while back. They were bound bodies. The only guitars I've done that were bound are Cokemachine's Kubicki styled guitar and his Gymcaster.
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