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Data from China Customs shows that in 2021, Japan imported US$133.96 million of various types of crane equipment from China, of which the import value of jib cranes was US$22.71 million. As a small and medium-sized lifting equipment developed in recent years, the jib crane has the characteristics of unique structure, safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving and labor saving, flexibility, etc. It can be operated freely in three-dimensional space. Compared with other conventional lifting equipment, it shows its superiority. Widely used in different places in various industries. Judging from the data, the demand for jib cranes in Japan is very high. As an excellent crane supplier in China, Dongqi Crane can provide Japan with a variety of different types of jib cranes to meet the needs of work in different working environments.

China and Japan have inseparable economic and trade exchanges. In order to help Japanese customers better understand the crane products we provide, this article will focus on the types of jib cranes that Dongqi Crane can provide Japan. If you have any questions or needs about our products, you can click here to contact us, or tell us by Email:

Types of jib cranes provided by Dongqi Crane for Japan
Portable Jib Crane / Mobile Jib Crane
Mobile Jib Cranes

Portable Jib Crane (also called Mobile Jib Crane / Mobile Cantilever Crane / Movable Jib Crane) is a lifting machine that use electric chain hoist (or electric wire rope hoist) as lifting mechanism and run in any direction to the desired location. The electric hoist can run on the cantilever, suitable for the occasion that the heavy objects need to be moved.

Mobile cantilever crane with flexible mobility, wide adaptability and other characteristics, is an efficient automatic production line on the necessary emergency emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line unimpeded. The jib crane widely used in factories and mines, workshops, field, warehouse installation of small equipment, cargo and workpiece handling, and low construction should not be set up driving and other places.

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BB Wall travelling Jib Crane
BB Wall travelling Jib Crane

Wall travelling jib crane is a cost effective crane which travels along the rail mounted on the wall or other supported structure on elevated orbit of a multilayer assembly shop, making the full advantages of the working space. Wall travelling jib crane can provide long lateral movement of materials and at the same time can lift the objects in the vertical direction by the lifting equipment. The lifting capacity of wall travelling jib crane is 0.5 to 10 tons and working class is A3

Wall travelling jib crane is an optimal solution for material handling, used in workshop of machine manufacturing and assembling, etc. It also can be used as a complement to an overhead crane system to do material handling working efficiently. A wall travelling jib crane offers a good solution for handling materials at workstation.

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BZ Pillar Jib Crane
Pillar Jib Crane

Pillar jib crane also called pillar mounted jib crane is a type of freestanding small and medium material handling equipment with the base plate installed on the floor without any support from the building. The lifting capacity of pillar jib crane is 0.5 to 10 tons and the working class is A3.

Pillar jib crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, dock, yard, storage and other places where the pillar can be installed. Pillar jib crane shows superiority when used in short range or serried applications.However, they are forbidden to be used in dangerous applications where is inflammable, explosive, and corrosive, etc. What’s more, pillar jib crane cannot be used to handling molten metal, toxic and inflammable and explosive materials, etc.

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BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane
BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane

The wall mounted jib crane can be a tie-rod jib crane, which has a tie-rod mounted to the structure of your building, without taking any of your square feet of your plant. The wall mounted jib crane is the most economical crane for material handling. The lifting capacity of the wall mounted jib crane is 0.25 to 1 ton and the working class is A3.

Wall mounted jib crane is usually applicable to short distance, frequent and intensive material handling operations, in the places, such as, workshops, warehouses, docks, storage, ports, and assembly line, etc.

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Different types of jib cranes sold from China to Japan
360 Degree Rotation Direction Pillar Mounted Cantilever Jib Crane for sale to Japan
Type: BZ
Lifting weight: 1 ton
Lifting height: 3 meters
Arm length: 4 meters
Working voltage: 220/3/50
360 Degree Rotating Small 3t Jib Crane for sale to Japan
Type: BZ
Lifting weight: 3 tons
Lifting height: 6 meters
Arm length: 5 meters
Working voltage: 220/3/50
10t BB Wall travelling Jib Crane for sale to Japan
Type: BB
Lifting weight: 10 tons
Lifting height: 20 meters
Arm length: 2 meters
Working voltage: 240/3/50
Workshop Use 180 Degree Rotation Traveling Jib Wall Crane for sale to Japan
Wall Traveling Jib Crane end trucks use channel beam/construction frames to resist twisting and are jig-fixtured and machined to maintain consistent manufacturing tolerances. The top running end truck on a wall traveling jib crane utilizes forged steel double flange crane wheels for long life. The Wall Traveling Jib Crane drive utilizes a squirrel cage motor with a double reduction spur gear reducer. Standard single speed controls include mainline contactor, control transformer, inverter acceleration control. The wall traveling jib crane Boom is fabricated from standard “S” beam with a vertical angle truss to reduce deflection. The jib crane Boom and truss bolt to the back frame for ease of erection and assembly.

2500kg Mobile Jib Crane with Electric Rotating Motor for sale to Japan
Type: BZ
Lifting weight: 2.5 tons
Lifting height: 6 meters
Arm length: 4 meters
Working voltage: 220/3/50
How to buy jib crane from China
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a jib crane, you can leave a message on the website or Email:, tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Jib crane for sale to Japan
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