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Manual chain hoist advantages:
Manual chain hoists for sale
Manual chain hoists for sale

Manual chain hoists don’t require any electricity or power source. This makes them much more portable compared to electric hoists.
Manual chain blocks are more cost-efficient compared to electric or hydraulic hoists. Not only do electric hoists cost more initially, but they also raise electricity bills.
The simple design of manual hoists makes them easier to repair and maintain. No complex motors, wires, or electrical/hydraulic systems.
Electric chain hoist advantages:
Electric chain hoists for sale
electric chain hoists for sale

Improvement in Productivity: Electric powered chain hoists can function very smoothly. Electric hoists do not require manual effort. This ensures that that operators can work for longer periods of time, which in turn improves productivity.
Increased Load In Capacity: The max. load capacity of electric chain hoists can reach 35 tons, even more. Because of the heavier loads these hoists can carry, these electric hoists improve the efficiency of the entire operation, too.
Inexpensive: Since there is very little labor involved in operating an electric hoist, can keep running continuously for long hours. Companies can save a lot of money related to labor.
Versatility: These devices become more versatile as they are used. Purchasing one electric hoist that can perform both vertical lifting and horizontal movement saving a lot of time, effort, and money.
Durability: These powered chain hoists are very durable and can serve users for many years if they are maintained properly.
Choose Manual or Electric Chain Hoists?
As one of the leading manufacturers of manual and electric chain hoists around the world, DQCRANE can supply types of hoists to meet your request in different industrial sectors.

If you have any more questions or need some help with choosing the right chain hoist for you, you can contact us via email on
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