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After an electric single-beam hosit overhead crane was used for a period of time, it was found that the electric hoist brake of the hoisting mechanism was not very effective. It may be because the brake pads of the electric hoist were worn out, and the brake pads need to be readjusted. The editor of our factory will explain how to adjust the brake of the electric hoist.

The electric hoist brake is realized by the motor, as shown in the figure below. When the power is cut off, the compression spring 6 pushes the rotor to the left, increasing the gap between the stator and the rotor, and at the same time the fan brake wheel 11 acts as a brake. The motor is immediately released from the brake and rotates when the electric energy is supplied, and it is braked immediately after the power is cut off, that is, there is a brake ring at the rear of the motor to make the motor rotor stop rotating in an instant.

When the axial movement of the conical rotor motor shaft is generally 1.5mm, the braking effect is the best.

The adjustment method is as follows:

Remove the tail cover, unscrew the four screws that fix the adjustment nut, use a wrench to turn the adjustment nut clockwise to the limit position, turn it counterclockwise one more turn, and then install the fastening screws.
If the spring has been used for a long time, it is caused by insufficient elasticity. Please replace the spring to solve the problem. Is it caused by long-term overload? Adjust the brake, tighten the big nut behind the motor and take a look! If it doesn't work, the spring will not work!
Brake adjustment method of electric hoist over 10 tons:

The large nut behind the electric hoist motor of more than 10 tons is loosened (reversely)) The looser the nut, the tighter the brake. Generally, just twist 1-2 turns.

When adjusting the brake of the electric hoist, you should be careful.

Neither too tight: too tight will affect the output of the motor, and even cause the motor to die prematurely.
Don't be too loose: Too loose will affect the output of the electric hoist and lead to the occurrence of the pulley phenomenon.
If the brake ring of the brake fan of the single-beam crane electric hoist wears more than 50%, it generally needs to be replaced to avoid the failure of the brake caused by the replacement in time and cause an accident.
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