Sunday, 28 February 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with my Dingwall Combustion’s bridge: anytime I play, the B & E strings get lower against the neck as the screws that are supposed to set and maintain the action, unscrew themselves... In addition to that, I hear a buzzing sound coming from the bridge as I play these two strings.

Any idea how I can solution that? Or if there’s anywhere I can find these Dingwall single string bridge parts? Last solution I could think of is replacing them all to new Hipshot triple lockdown single string bridges but I don’t wanna have to drill new holes in my bass, anyone know anything about that?

Thanks in advance & y’all stay safe!
9 months ago
PS: here's another picture where you can see the B & E string's bridges down on the "treble" side of the bass
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